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Adidas House Party Sydney 1 Copy
Adidas House Party Sydney 1 Copy
Adidas House Party Sydney 1 Copy

adidas House Party - Sydney

Adidas continue their 60 Years celebration, this time the Trefoil stopped off at Australia’s party capital Sydney. Decking out a warehouse in the middle of nowhere was a genius move, eliminating noise complaints from restless locals and adding a mysterious edge to proceedings. Pity getting a cab home was harder than spotting a Straighty-180 on Oxford St (Mardi Gras was the next day). Those issues were quickly forgotten with a bottomless pit of cocktails, copious rounds of pizza and bangin’ noise courtesy of a rotating roster of Sydney DJs. We missed the skate ramp at the end of the warehouse maze, but with party photographer Cobrasnake in the house, we could count on the Ron Jeremy of photography to capture the seedier side of the night. Check his shots here. A killer night, proven by murderous hangovers and a slightly hazy memory. We will let the party shots below speak for themselves. Big up to adidas Australia and Vice for having Sneaker Freaker on lock. All hail the Three Stripes.

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