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adidas Go After Instagram Sellers In Million Dollar Lawsuit

Adidas Sue Instagram Users 1Adidas Sue Instagram Users 1
Adidas Sue Instagram Users 3
Adidas Sue Instagram Users 2
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 are known for being bulldogs with their intellectual property. In the past, they’ve gone after brands like Tesla and Forever 21 for alleged logo likeness. Now, they’re tackling the issue at street level.

As reported by The Fashion Law (TFL), adidas and subsidiary are in the midst of multi-million-dollar lawsuits filed against a number of Instagram accounts known for selling fake product. Handles have even been named — kith1435 appears to have shut down their account, but small-time perpetrator sneakermaster666 seems unfazed.

On the face of it, the suit only seems to shut down minnows. But TFL point out that this could begin to address a larger issue at Instagram; in 2016 The Washington Post reported that Instagram was a conduit for 29 billion USD of counterfeit goods being sold. adidas’ current lawsuit may mitigate the issue by stopping sellers from promoting or marketing posts featuring fake goods.

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