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adidas Dial it Back With the Greatest Website of 2018

Adidas Yung WebsiteAdidas Yung Website

This is it — we're calling it —  the greatest website of the year! The Three Stripes have just uploaded a new page dedicated to their 'Yung' series of footwear and, like the sneakers themselves, it has a distinctly charming retro feel to it. Like a relic of the mid 90s — ala the still-accessible Space Jam website — adidas' new creation is jam-packed with GIF animations, 3D text and some of the worst (aka best!) web design we've ever seen. The site features wallpapers, videos and even a Parappa the Rapper-style minigame. It's well worth a visit and, we can only assume, is best viewed through Netscape Navigator or AOL Explorer, so hit the  link and check it out!

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