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adidas CEO Announces Yeezy Production Increase

Adidas Ceo Increases Yeezy Production 1Adidas Ceo Increases Yeezy Production 1

CEO Kasper Rørsted has dropped another breadcrumb on the road to ramped-up production. Speaking about the Yeezy Brand on an earnings call, Rørsted said, ‘Kanye has repeatedly stated his aspiration to democratise the Yeezy brand. We share his aspiration and we are working hard to bring this vision to life. Watch out for more.’

His language safely absolves adidas in the unlikely event of backlash, but it’s safe to assume he’s using ‘democratise’ in the sense where it will make Yeezys available to everyone, and not hinting customers will be going to the polls.

Those yet to cop shouldn’t celebrate just yet; the road to Yeezy saturation will be a long one. We’ll let you know when adidas drop more clues.


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