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03 Mar 2009

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adidas 60 Years Party - Singapore

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Last week Sneaker Freaker had the honour of attending the Singapore leg of adidas’ 60 Years of Soles and Stripes party. With Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines holding consecutive parties, the infamous Timberlux Warehouse was decked complete with monitors giving a live feed to each event – so the ‘our party is better than yours’ competition was in full effect!

As we rolled up to the blue carpet, a bevy of customised Vespas adorned the entrance area, showcasing adidas’ newest campaign with the scooter giants. The entrance was reconstructed to replicate the House Party videos with snapshots of celebrities gracing the corridor walls. We weaved our way through the maze and landed smack bang at the Tiger beer stand - the set up was created to resemble a good old-fashioned American shindig, with everything ‘adi-fied’, from adi-popcorn, to adi-floss, adi-alcohol (blue of course) and adi-pretzels. Nothing was safe!

At each pillar were stations set up with laptops complete with live streaming cameras for partygoers to capture their finest ‘adi moment’ or type a message to attendees at the other five parties. There were adi-streamers, party hats and paper ’60 Years’ sunglasses to get your 'adi-wackiness' on. We of course decked ourselves out with every party piece of paraphernalia available.

The night was run to a clockwork schedule, starting off with a countdown to the ceremonious launch at 19:49pm (as in 1949 - adidas' birthdate, get it?!). Our trusty MC Oli Pettigrew kept everyone on track and entertained all night long with his dry Scottish humour. Singapore’s number one electro/rock outfit Electrico kicked off preceedings and there was also a jaw-dropping performance by the Joel Turner of Singaporian beat-boxing Dharni (actually, Turner has nothing on this guy). DJ sets from Off The Rocker, Shinichi Osawa and Masatoshi Uemura (Japan) smashed the speakers! The highlight for many was the vibrant fashion show, featuring American Top Model winner Nicole Linkletter.

The new range highlights the magnificence of the trefoil, blowing it out to proportions not seen since the Jeremy Scott x adidas Logo sneakers. There was also a viewing of the more subdued adidas Vespa range that looks set to ignite the more mature three-stripe lover. With the impending excitement of a promised appearance by Edison Chen (who did eventually show, but it was so packed we didn’t catch a glimpse), everyone got down to mingling with locals and VIP guests. Each party nationwide was alive and kicking with DJ Sinden and Sneaker Freaker’s own Hans DC keeping the Malaysian party jumping, our girl spinning in the Phillipines and adi magician/illusionist wowing the crowd in Thailand. Indonesia had the privilege of DJ Naro, but from the looks of it, Singapore was where it was at!

Maybe it was because we were in attendance, maybe because the adidas reps in Singapore know how to rock a party, who knows... one thing is clear though, we salute our Singaporean adidas partners for bringing Sneaker Freaker onboard to be part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Next stop… Sydney!

Massive thanks go to Adrian Chai at adidas for inviting us to party and organising a smooth trip, with extra thanks to Nigel, Wilfred and Sharon as well!

03 Mar 2009

Industry News

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