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A Nice Set 1
A Nice Set 1
A Nice Set 1

A Nice Set

AWE50ME.compresents 'A Nice Set', a touring exhibition by Plus et Plus. It is a celebration of dj culture expressed through the artwork of 33 1/3 international artists and designers who have each customised a pair 12" dj slip-mats. The exhibition has so far visited Colette in Paris, IdN gallery in Hong Kong, Reed Space in Tokyo, Madrid, New York and L.A. and now it's Melbourne's turn. These artists have also been joined by leading local artists Ant Keogh, Ben Frost, Dabs and Myla, Deb, Domenico Bartolo, Drewster, Dvate, Isis, James Gulliver Hancock, Jeremyville, Kate Banazi, Laura Mckellar, Logan Hicks, Luca Ionescu, Makatron, Marcela Restrepo, Matt Huynh, Phibs, Reka, Rone, Sear, Seldom, Side Project, Sneaker Freaker, Supermarkart, Tom Civil, Visual Sauce, Wonderlust and some other rather nice people.

Opening party Friday September 5, 6-9pm with a nice set by DJ A-Style (2007 DMC Champ).

No-Vacancy Gallery
27 Red Cape Lane (QV), Melbourne
September 4-7

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