Xesto Sizing App
Xesto Sizing App
Xesto Sizing App

Avoid Shoe Size Mistakes with new 3D Foot Sizing App Xesto Fit!

Shoe sizing can sometimes be a tricky task, as many of you who grew up getting into sneakers may know. In fact, some of you may have ended up wearing the wrong size shoe for a number of years. On top of that riddle, there’s also the annoyance of not knowing the shoe size of your significant other, friends, or family members when buying them those epic sneaker gifts. With that in mind, the team over at Xesto have come up with a 3D scanning foot sizing app that uses the FaceID camera on your iPhone.

A pretty cool concept that can make online shopping easier, Xesto’s software will take five photos of different angles of your feet and return an accurate 3D model that includes key dimensions.

Sophie Howe the CEO and Co-Founder of Xesto said, ’Size sharing was inspired this summer when my sneakerhead boyfriend wanted to buy me shoes on a deep discount, but didnt know my size, and passed on them. Now, going forward, neither of us have that excuse!’

With size variations between the many sneaker brands out there, we’re pumped to try it out. You can download Xesto here.

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