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87.5 Million USD Worth of Fake Sneakers Destroyed in China

Sneakeers DestroyedSneakeers Destroyed

Back in 2015, an anonymous tip was put forward to authorities in the city of Bengbu, China, stating that fake were being manufactured in their area. The counterfeit goods were then being sent to the Middle East to be sold. A factory spanning 200 hectares was discovered after a month of investigation. Several hundred workers were found working on nine production lines.

The next year, on December 26 2016, an operation took place as an attempt to stop the factories manufacturing counterfeit sneakers. Involving 200 police officers, the operation was a success, seizing over 500,000 pairs of fake Converse and other brands. Following this, Chinese police have conducted multiple raids destroying five factories and assisting in Guangdong customs in seizing over 40,000 pairs of sneakers.

Recently, the 500,000 pairs confiscated over the past few years have been confirmed to have been thoroughly destroyed.

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