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Asics Gel Respector With Money
Asics Gel Respector With Money
Asics Gel Respector With Money

5 Things We Learnt From ASICS' 2019 Q1 Financial Report

ASICS aren’t necessarily a superpower in the ongoing sneaker war, but their ongoing influence can’t be denied. With Q1 financial reports now in, we were keen to see how the beasts from the Far East fared.

We know you’ve got better things to do than sift through all the facts and figures, so we’ve recapped everything need to know. Here are the five things we learnt from ASICS' first quarter report.

Asics Usa Pair


Sales in the United States increased by 4.2 per cent on Q1 last year, marking the first increase in the region for the first time in 14 quarters.

Asics Metaride 1 Promo Shot

4. METARIDing the Wave

Labelled as ASICS’ most technologically-advanced running shoe ever, the METARIDE was successfully launched during the quarter. Sales at the Tokyo Marathon EXPO broke performance runner sales records for the brand.

Asics Marathon Runners
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3. Speed Leads the Way

Performance running products remain ASICS’ biggest sales driver in major markets, with 72.6 per cent of net sales in North America attributed to the category.

Onitsuka Tiger Flagship Store Korea

2. The Tiger Flexes its Claws

Subsidiary Onitsuka Tiger experienced a 2.3 per cent increase in net sales overall thanks to strong performance in Japan and Korea. Plans for a strong push in China are in the works.

Gel Lyte V In Water Spash
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1. Looking to Make a Spash in Q2

Despite similar overall sales to last year, ASICS’ net sales did decrease by 5.7 per cent due to a stronger yen. Expect a strong response from the brand, spearheaded by a push in the Sports Style (lifestyle) category. Promising news for us!

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