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5 Sneakers that Should Be on Your Radar

New Balance 577 HeaderNew Balance 577 Header

In today's sneaker climate, the hype machine is an inescapable behemoth threatening to drown out every other release hitting shelves. That said, if you never look past the Yeezys, sacai collaborations and Air Jordan 1s, you're missing out on the real juicy stuff.

This is the realm for those who wants to make a different choice, to stand out from the crowd. If that sounds like you, these are the shoes that should be on your radar.

Li-Ning Arc Ace

If you're in the market for something different, it's hard to go past the Li-Ning's Arc Ace. Already known for wild designs, the Chinese brand reached new heights when the Arc Ace debuted on the runway in February.

The multi-layered upper employs TPE, mesh and textile for textural contrast, opening the door for eye-searing colourways. But who's looking at the upper, anyway? The Arc Ace is all about the Dalí-esque winding vines of the sole unit.



The 90s whirlwind continues stir up the sneakersphere, so it's refreshing to see some post-2000 steez roll through. The has it in spades.

The retro revival sees the mid-2000s performance model fit in nicely with today's lifestyle vibes, so the heel's GEL prongs are just as valued for their aggressive look as their tech.


New Balance 577

If you weren't already familiar with the , the last couple of months has probably brought you up to speed pretty quickly. The sleek Newbie was the subject of three first-class collaborations in recent weeks, with , , and  x Highsnobiety all taking the model for a spin.

While you might need to head to the aftermarket to cop, it's a move worth making.


Mizuno Mondo Control OG

If we're being honest, no matter what Mizuno model you're talking about, it's worth being on your radar. After staging a welcome comeback in 2018, they haven't put a foot wrong.

They're latest revisit, the Mondo Control OG, harks back to the brand's 1995 performance line-up. Having seen a couple of colourways thus far, including a mita cosign, it's one to watch.


Nike Ghost Racer

Another Y2K-era gem, Nike's  had a surprise revival earlier this year, and it was a retro .

They scream with turn-of-the-millennium flair, whether it's an OG colourway or new. Definitely worth the swerve away from visible Air if you ask us.


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