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5 Performance Runners To Get You Off the Couch

Vaporfly 4 Flyknit Running Shoe V7 G3 Fb HeroVaporfly 4 Flyknit Running Shoe V7 G3 Fb Hero

We’re living in crazy times right now, but wouldn’t it be great to say you took something positive out of it? We’ve already you can show your sneaker collection some love while social distancing, but you should also be showing yourself some love, too.

With most sports out of commission for the time being, many have decided to escape the confines of with a healthy jog around the block. Now, we applaud you for getting off the couch and staying fit, but we can’t excuse an old, beaten-up pair of running shoes.

You probably won’t want to pavement pound in your Air Jordan 1s or the latest Travis colab (we don’t recommend it!), so we compiled some of best performance running silhouettes on the market right now. You won’t need to worry about the warm-down, either – you’ll be able to rock these all day, every day.

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