Adidas Truck Fire
Adidas Truck Fire
Adidas Truck Fire

$455,000 USD of adidas Sneakers Looted in Truck Fire

According to reports by Chinese media outlets, 10,000 adidas shoes have been stolen by looters in the aftermath of a truck fire in the eastern province of Zhejiang. While an exact monetary figure hasn't been placed on the loss, it's estimated that the value of the stolen sneakers comes in at just under half a million US dollars.

The South China Morning Postrecounts that the truck was transporting goods from the Stripes' Fujian province factories to HQ in Suzhou. Part way through the 800 kilometre (or 497 mile) journey, the brakes overheated and a fire started at the bottom of the truck. Some locals at the site of the crash made away with the expensive cargo.

Horrifically, in attempts to save stock from the burning vehicle, the driver sustained burns to his hands and face. Insurance practices mean that the driver may be personally liable for the goods inside the truck, and could stand to face a significant financial loss in the aftermath of the loot. He's since had to discharge himself from hospital as he can't afford treatment, and is hoping that the insurance money will come through – as are we.

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