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3M's New Packaging Innovation Could Revolutionise Sneaker Shipping

3 M Flex And Seal Rool Sneaker Pic

We all hate the inflated costs associated with , but things could be changing for the better thanks to a new packaging innovation from 3M.

The Minnesota-based materials company looks to do away with oversized boxes and space-taking protective materials via Flex & Seal, a wrap-like packaging solution. Created to reduce packing times, excess materials, and the space needed to ship packages, the unique roll is made out of three layers of different 3M-developed plastics.

An internal adhesive layer sticks to itself to create a snug covering over your sneakers (or any other similar-sized goods), while a middle cushioning layer acts like bubble wrap for added protection. Last but not least, a tougher outside layer is tear- and water-resistant for even more peace of mind.

Now, we don’t think this going to replace the anytime soon. That said, if you’re copping your creps to wear, don’t care for the box, and want to save some coin, this could be the shipping innovation you’ve been searching for.

You can find out more about Flex & Seal here.

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