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$30K Worth of Sneakers Stolen from Sneaker Con Patron

Sneaker Freaker Swapmeet 2019 Event 32Sneaker Freaker Swapmeet 2019 Event 32

Police in Georgia, USA, are on the search for an opportunistic thief that stole $30,000 worth of sneakers from a car parked outside a local restaurant.

Jason Ridenour, who was in town for Atlanta, says approximately 40 pairs of sneakers and 20 pieces of apparel were jacked from his car while he was grabbing a bite to eat.

‘I was in there about 45 minutes total and as I was coming out to the car, I saw another car peel away in the parking lot,’ describes the husband and father of two.

To his horror, the driver’s side door handle was damaged and the back door of his SUV was hanging open.

‘It seems to me like I came out while they were in the middle of it,’ he says. ‘It was almost my life savings and this happened in an affluent neighbourhood.’

Ridenour hopes insurance can cover a fraction of what has been taken, but also hopes the culprits will be brought to justice.

Stay woke out there, fam.


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