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3000 Vs Snkrfrkr 3
3000 Vs Snkrfrkr 3
3000 Vs Snkrfrkr 3

3000 Vs Snkrfrkr!

It was only a matter of time before Melbourne's interweb hub of fashion, food, music and lets face it, just looking oh so cool approached Team Sneaker Freaker to bring a much needed tongue in cheek view on what's crackin in Melbourne city, as seen through the eyes of us footwear fetish junkies. Not only will you be treated to some extra "special" photos of SNKRFRKR's office workers, there are plenty of nifty reviews to get you opening up those wallets and help you pull some triggers in and around Melburn! Not to mention a chance to get your hands on one of 3 SNKRFRKR Scarf x Issue 10 packs. What you waiting for? Hit the link, join the mailing list, become part of the Three Thousand revolution.

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