London Fashion Week Recap Kiko Green
London Fashion Week Recap Kiko

3 Takeaways from London Fashion Week

The curtains have closed in London, and it's a wrap on another Fashion Week. While the Spring/Summer collections aren't necessarily prime time for sneaker lovers, there were a few highlights that came under our purview.

Between the seasonally appropriate sandals and cowboy boots, Kiko and ASICS revealed their latest link-up, sustainability was on everyone's lips, and colour was the name of the game. If you weren't there, don't worry, let us round up the week's events for you.

Kiko Kostadinov and ASICS Come Full Circle

With Fashion Week comes the prospect that we'll get a look at the next mind-bending delight from Kiko Kostadinov and ASICS. And London delivered.

Circular motifs were at the centre of the collection, helmed by Laura and Deanna Fanning of Kiko's women's line, and that idea was reflected down below. The as-yet-unnamed ASICS silhouette – like the recent GEL-Sokat – forgoes the brand's Tiger Stripes for their curvaceous 'A' branding, while swooping forefoot cutouts and bulbous GEL cushioning mirrors the curves.

Sustainability Was Key

As environmentally-minded critiques of fast fashion stack up, sustainability's star is shining bright. The zeitgeist is clamouring for sustainable practices and textiles, and is looking for change. The fashion industry is reckoning with its ecological responsibilities and its place in the changing consumer landscape, and the designers who are changing with the times are the ones coming out on top.

In the sneaker realm, Romanian designer Ancuta Sarca's upcycled beaters breathed fresh – and weird – air into old heat. Her British Fashion Council showcase saw Air Max 90s, Triaxes and Cortez torn down and rebuilt as kitten-heeled mules.

House of Holland Danced the Pain Away

Bright colours were everywhere in London, as you'd expect, and that extended to the footwear too.

House of Holland pulled out all the stops for their technicolour show 'Dance the Pain Away', nearing Li-Ning levels of weirdness with their holey soles, zebra-striped uppers, and neon colours.

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