T Humb 3 Million Dollar Nike Sale
3 Million Dollar Nike Sale

$3 Million Of Stolen Nike Sneaks Found At Yard Sale

A Kentucky woman who was selling thousands of shoes on her lawn has been told by police she was harbouring $3 million worth of stolen Nike product. Zetta Joanna Thompson was selling the shoes from a tarp around her house for five dollars a pair before the sale was shut down by the bacon. She was soon informed all the sneaks were from an elaborate heist in 2009 of Nike's Tennessee distribution centre. Thompson claims she bought the shoes in bulk from someone else, and we probably believe her – or maybe she's one of the greatest actors of all time and a supremely foolish stolen goods reseller. Watch the news report here. Three million clams worth, though? If we average the shoe price out to $150 each, we're talking like 20,000 pairs. Were there that many? Sheesh. Or maybe some of those rare Js have appreciated a bit in value and cops are quoting market value. Either way, holler at us if you got a good pair for five bones!

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