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2X4 Tshirts Website Launch 1
2X4 Tshirts Website Launch 1
2X4 Tshirts Website Launch 1

2x4 Tshirts Website Launch

The name derives from the sum of 2x4 equaling 8 meaning, two designs by four artists. Eight tshirts per release. Each release the company will select four artists that they feel are doing something unique in the world of art, design, illustration or photography. Each design is run off in limited quantities of 200 across all sizes. Once sold out, thats it. You have a limited edition t-shirt that only 199 other people round the globe own. And who doesn't love a limited edition anything!

Any artists wanting to submit their art, which may lead to getting your own tshirt can contact Damien at [email protected] with either a link to your work or a small PDF file attached to the email.

Peep the site here

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