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11 Valentine's Gifts Sneakerheads Actually Wanted

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As far as romantic Valentine’s Day overtures go, gifting your significant other something considered and heartfelt is the best way to show that you understand their wants and needs. Still, it can be rough. Condensing your ineffable feelings into a tangible item is a feat – because, surely, any product is but a candle in the sun compared to your burning love… unless of course you’re dating a sneakerhead.

Granted, they may love you – but will they ever feel the same way for you as they do for the pebbled leather on their ‘Cement’ 3s, or the unadulterated white Boost midsole on their NMDs? Who can say. Being a sneakerhead is an affliction that makes rectangular boxes immeasurably more alluring than heart-shaped ones. Since it’s an affliction we too are burdened with, we’ve compiled this cheat sheet to buying better Valentine’s gifts for sneakerheads. You might not find the gift you bought your sneaker-loving Valentine in here, but you will find the one they wanted.


If you live with your sneaker-obsessed significant other, then you already know how much space sneakers can take up – especially the dozen kept on hand as part of their weekly rotation. Do both of you a favour: get them a novelty sized sneaker storage box (like this one,  custom made for LeBron) and make more room in the bedroom for activities.


Welcome love into your life with a kiss. Whether they’re smooching your Airs or you’re kissing theirs, this  Overkill x Nike doormat is the perfect way to introduce something new into the relationship.


It’s known that sneakerheads love super-limited accessories. But what’s less known is that getting them one for Valentine’s is a sure-fire step to getting them to love you, too. Coming from the store that brought us one of the rarest Jordan 4s ever, this  UNDEFEATED ashtray is a must have. Even if they don’t smoke, perhaps they could use it to collect the ash from all that incense?


Proving that you don’t need to have hearts to have heart, this card game offers the chance to share the love of sneakers and learn something while doing so. A slight twist on an old favourite,  Sneakers: The Trump Card Game has informative blurbs on memorable releases, and uses stats and opinion to decide on the greatest sneaker of all time. As it’s best enjoyed with two or more players, you’ll learn more about each other’s tastes than ever before.


A sneakerhead doesn’t want a corsage or boutonniere, they want a sneaker pin. While not as entrenched in romantic custom – a  Yeezy Raf or  Jordan pin is a far more favourable way for them to wear their heart on their sleeve.


Never underestimate how romantic a bit of pampering can be. In most relationships, this might involve balms and bath bombs – but when you’re dating a sneakerhead, you’re best to substitute washes for wipes and lotions for premium micro-fibre towels. Get the job done right with Jason Markk. There’s even a limited edition UNDEFEATED collaborative kit going right now for the colab crazed.


If you welcomed a sneakerhead into your life long ago, are past the point of pampering, and instead want to introduce infant’s sizing into your life –  ABCs for Little Gs is the gift you’re looking for. The book will ensure that your little one learns their ABCs the right way: with Air Max, Bapestas and Converse.


You can never go wrong giving the gift of knowledge, and since smart is sexy you’re likely to benefit from this too. Bless them with any seminal industry text like Phil Knight’s  Shoe Dog, Bobbito Garcia’s  Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture or the latest copy of  All Gone and then reap the rewards.


Less of a gift and more a new way of life, a Sneaker Freaker subscription is a  VIP pass into the wonderful world of sneakers. By signing your Valentine up to our tri-annual boogazine you’ll be giving them access to collectors, comprehensive retrospectives and industry insights like nothing they’re seeing in their timeline. They’ll love you for it, promise.

Buy a copy of the latest issue  here.

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