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100,000 Pairs of adidas 3D-Printed Sneakers to Hit the Market by Year's End

Still salty on the ‘L’ you took on the Futurecraft 4D? Well, things are looking up all of the sudden. Striving to bring 3D printing to the masses, adidas have plans to introduce 100,000 pairs of 3D-printed sneakers to market before the end of 2018.

According to Forbes, adidas will produce plastic midsoles with the help of new 3D technology created by Silicon Valley startup Carbon.

‘We have a really aggressive plan to scale this,’ says James Carnes, adidas’ strategy vice president. ‘We are scaling a production. The plan will put us as the (world’s) biggest producer of 3D-printed products.’

By Q3, adidas says it will have access to enough printers from Carbon to make one million pairs of 3D-printed sneakers, with ambitions to increase the number moving forward.

Carnes compares the brand’s 3D potential to the BOOST juggernaut. Introduced in 2013, only 100,000 BOOST-soled pairs were made in the first year of production. Now, over 50 million BOOST sneakers are produced year, making up over 10 per cent of adidas’ 400-million-strong production.

Who knows, in a few years’ time, you might be able to walk into your local sports store and cop a pair GR Futurecraft 4D 4.0s?

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