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10 More Of The Most Stupidly Expensive Sneakers Ever

Benjamin Kicks 2 Chainz Most Expensivist 1Benjamin Kicks 2 Chainz Most Expensivist 1

After we  visited this topic, we couldn’t stop thinking of more ludicrously expensive shoes and we just had to share them. This round, we decided to steer clear of diamond-encrusted customs and stick to shoes that are valued by their own clout as rarities or history. We do have to give a couple of shout outs to the  x Nike Dunks, which raised a total of $139,000 for charity, as well as the multi-million dollar bejewelled Li-Ning  Way of Wade 4s, decked out by Bicion and Mache Customs.

If you haven’t checked out our first set of stupidly expensive shoes, check it out . If you have, it’s now time to feast your eyes on 10 more of the most expensive sneakers ever.

Kobe’s All Black Jordan PE 1-XXX: $204,100

Early in 2016, Michael Jordan and the team at  gifted Kobe with two complete sets of Air Jordans, one all black and the other all white (both sets featured a few hits of Lakers colours amongst the otherwise monochrome selection). The all black set was almost instantly auctioned on eBay, the proceeds going to the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, and the lot sold for $240,100. That’s Jays 1 to XXX, all one-of-one special editions, all in size US 14. Not only is that a staggering amount of money for any one person to part with, but also prices each individual pair at about $8,000.

Nike Dunk High LE (WU-TANG): $15,000

The 1999 release of the Wu-Tang  is shrouded in mystery. It’s not been confirmed how many pairs were released (although it’s speculated to be 36, in homage to the title of their 1993 debut), and there seem to be only rumours as to whether the shoes hit retail rather than being a Friends and Family edition for the Wu themselves. Either way there are odd occasions when the legendary Wu-Tang Dunk hits the open market. You might be pleased to know, you can pop on over to Flight Club and get yourself a pair today… for $15k.

VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 High: $8000

Right as releases were about to flow, Nike’s collaborative partnership with VLONE was cut short amid sexual assault allegations levelled against A$AP Bari. The first drop was a low-cut Air Force 1, which can fetch hefty resale prices of just over $1500, but it was the later high-cut version that really caught everyone’s eye. It’s said that 20 pairs were made and raffled off at Nike Paris, and although many suggested a wider release in the following weeks or months, the severance took place too soon to find out. If you do happen to find a pair, the high-cut VLONE AF1s currently fetch around $8000 — and there are still other gems to be harvested from the ditched partnership. Around a month before ties were cut, a couple of photos surfaced showing a collection of VLONE x Nike Vandals. They may be nothing more than sneaker folklore, but if you do ever track down a pair of the scandalous sneakers, don’t let them get away.

Nike Air Jordan 3 (1988 OG): $29,999

You can imagine that some enterprising reseller picked these  up with the sole intention of flipping them almost 30 years down the track. They look to be in remarkable condition — the $30k price tag probably includes the cost of storing them in a hermetically-sealed room for almost three decades. This pair comes with all its original accoutrements — including tags, laces and box (even the OG elephant print tissue paper that swaddled these bad boys as they lay stashed away). I mean, sure, if you slipped your foot into them they’d most likely turn to dust — but if you’re not into handling your shoes then these are just the thing.

Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4: $18,000

 and  — now that’s a roll call. The trio  to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the ‘Marshall Mathers LP’, which debuted in 2000 (so the shoes released in 2015, if the maths is too much for you). It’s not clear exactly how many were made. Originally there were going to be 10 pairs available to the public, who knows how many B-Rabbit had to hand out around the 8-Mile.

adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Signed By Kanye West: $25,000

These personally signed s are bound to appeal to the budget conscious. Yeah, they’re $25,000 but they’ve been signed by Yeezus (who is basically God right?) and boast what looks to be a sharpied illuminati symbol! Surely in the future (after two terms of President West) these sneakers will be revered in the same rarified air as the Ark of the Covenant?

And postage is free! Talk about a bargain…

Nike Dunk SB High ‘FLOM’: $17,250

There were only ever 24 pairs of ’s For the Love of Money (AKA FLOM)  made back in 2005. And each one was assigned to a friend or family member, except for three pairs that got raffled off to hungry fiends. Covered in more money than a busy strip club floor, many  heads would do unspeakable things (to themselves and others) to get their hands on these elusive sneaks. There’s a rare pair sitting on Sydney’s Butter for $17,250.

DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 'Another One': $28,000

DJ Khaled is , but here he is again with ‘Another One’. Following up on his 2017 collaboration, DJ Khaled teamed up with Jordan Brand to release .

Both pairs are decked out with royal blue and hits of Team Swoosh’s iconic elephant print, with the more sought-after ‘Another One’ AJ3 making use of a leather upper. Those looking to save a few bucks can cop a pair of the suede 'Father of Asahd’ AJ3s from the same drop — they’ll only cost you $25,000.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (Paris): $10,000

There were only 202 pairs of the   ‘Paris’ made back in 2003. The lively panels are cut from the printed artwork of Bernard Buffet, leaving no two pairs the same. They didn’t go on sale until 2005, and made up part of the same city pack that featured the infamous . As cool as they are, 10k could get you a pretty cushy trip to Paris itself, each to their own…

NBA Choice of the Pros: $2,999

What are those? For real, what are they? During the 1980s, the NBA ‘Choice of the Pros’ sneaker brand just went for broke and ripped everyone else off. As you’d expect they didn’t stick around for too long. I don’t think  appreciated the flipped Swoosh, nor  the Four Stripe. As blatantly tacky as they are, if you want a pair of these vintage lookalikes you're going to have to part with a few grand.

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