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27 Mar 2013

News Listicle

10 Perfect Purple Sneakers On Sneakerpedia

10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Air Jordan 5 Grape 110 Perfect Purple Sneakers Air Jordan 5 Grape 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Air Jordan 8 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Puma Suede 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Nike Foamposite Phoenix Suns 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Air Max Bw Classic Persian 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Nike Air Pegasus 89 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Converse Chuck Talyor All Star Purple 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Ronnie Fieg X Asics Mazarine 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Sneaker Freaker Tassie Devil 2 1
10 Perfect Purple Sneakers Sneaker Freaker Alvin Purple 1

Take a look around your computer screen, what do you see? Unless you're still pumping MS-DOS or viewing this from the future and we've flipped up our steez, you'll see a ton of purple. We love purple across its whole poppin' spectrum, be it grape, magenta, indigo or mauve and we know for a fact it comes up looking plum on sneakers. That's why we've plastered it on some of our colabs and that's why we've put together this list to show off the damn fine array of fresh grape juice Sneakerpedia has on display.

Air Jordan V (Grape)
Predominantly white it may be, this grape J is a most obvious inclusion – it put purple on the colour map as a respectable basketball sneaker colour! The Air Jordan 5 Grape is due for a retro release this year, but you probably already know that. If you miss out don't despair, this B-Ball banger is so fresh to death we will probably keep resurrecting it for eternity.
Ronnie Fieg x ASICS Gel Saga (Mazarine)
The prince of ASICS colabs, Ronnie Fieg slots into this list not with his usual Gel Lyte III but with a Gel Saga decked out toe-to-heel in mazarine blue, which is well close enough to purple for our tired eyes! The baby blue accents also play off the majority purp real nice.

Sneaker Freaker x New Balance 998 (Tassie Devil)
We dare you to accuse us of self-promotion! We're uber proud of our New Balance 998 colab and why shouldn't we be? A few hues of purple look tight and tidy in concert with blasts of black inspired by the dark fur of the endangered Tasmanian devil.

Sneaker Freaker x ASICS Gel Lyte III (Alvin Purple)
Okay, so another one of our own, but our 'Alvin Purple' Gel Lyte III would be in your top ten too, wouldn't it? This sneak is a very different beast to the Tassie Devil, both in the silhouette and the type of purple used, but still comes up well crispy and ready for action.

Nike Air Max BW (Persian)
Straight outta ancient Arabia and onto the feet of millions of runners and street urchins, the Nike Air Max BW Persian is that first-thought sneaker for many heads when they think of the colour purple.

Nike Air Pegasus 89
Look at that shoe. Just look at it. No justification necessary.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Purple All Stars, both in high and low-top models, have been ubiquitous for eons. It's not just carnival folk who pull out these candy kicks, walk through the mall and you'll see little kids, teens of both gender persuasions and grandmas and grandaddies slipping around in these purple poppers. We like to think these were the pair of sneakers that inspired Australian rock king Tim Rogers to write his shoe opus.

Air Jordan VIII Aqua
Another Jordan must-inclusion. The aqua splashes on the midsole may be the namesake of this J but they wouldn't have jack without that purple base!

Puma Suede
Mmm, gummy sole, subtle stitched Form Stripe, burgundy upper – purple never looked so classy! Get your grown man on and pair your white dinner suit with these plush puppies.

Nike Air Foamposite (Phoenix Suns)
Tying with the Devils for most recent release in this list, the Phoenix foams are blinding in their purpleness and that means they are damn proud of their colour. You gotta own the skin you're in, and these monoliths believe they run the purple game.

If you reckon you've got hotter purple sneakers then upload them on Sneakerpedia and tell us!

27 Mar 2013

News Listicle

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