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10 Most Stupidly Expensive Nike Dunks On eBay

Nike Eric Koston 06 OriginalNike Eric Koston 06 Original

The mid-2000s was a wild time in sneaker history. Nike finally gained a foothold in the skate shoe market by recasting one of its classic basketball silhouettes, the Dunk, as a deck sneak. They called on the creativity and co-signs of some of the skate streetwear scene’s most important brands, and dropped a gang of vibrant and frequently demented Dunk renditions in insanely short supply. Release dates were rarely provided, so when hungry sneakerheads weren’t sleeping out front of an SB retailer with one frosty eye open, they were sitting by their bat phones waiting for word of where to go and when from their tip-off network. Sneaker reselling suddenly became a legit job title, as early birds flipped their worms to lay the dirt for personal money trees, and even a few opportunistic retailers purportedly implemented sliding scale pricing based on supply and demand.

For Dunk releases now, those heady days of the silver, pink and black box period are over. The ‘Dunk SB Era’, as it came to be known, has ended, but a Tiffany-tinted rose-colored view of the past is not all that remains – there are still a lot of folks trying to sell their old Dunks for huge money. The hoarders who thought that their pick-ups would age like a fine wine are learning that certain trends get corked after a while – and sneakers don’t stay physically pristine forever, either.

We applaud the folks who refuse to give up, though, and truly believe their Dunks are worth the big bucks, so above we’ve compiled ten of the most ridiculously priced Dunks currently on eBay. If you’re thinking of copping any of these, you’ve probably got a lot of money, so please consider offsetting your vanity purchase with a donation to  people who don’t have shoes at all. Then go crazy, if  these are your Grails, do what you gotta do, but playing the long game and setting up some Watch Lists might be wiser.

What the Dunk (2007): $4,000

Smashing together some of the craziest looking Dunks ever created into one shoe made for, unsurprisingly, and even crazier looking product than the sum of its parts. 4K to look like a clown, though? Call it an artefact.

'Freddy Krueger' (2007) : $6,000

With only 30 believed to have been made, they resemble the bloodbath that would go down if they were ever thrown in a room full of Dunk lovers.

Undefeated 'Splatter' (2002): $6,000

UNDFTD stay winning, but would you part with 6 grand for these? We say take that money to the casino and double it, then cop the Ballistic Olive joints too. Seems logical. Rarity points for this one too, with supposedly only 24 ever made.

Staple 'Pigeon' (2006): $5,000

Not many more than 150 Staple Pigeons found a nest back in '06, but this one wants to fly away from theirs. For 5K you can adopt it, we can't doubt it's pedigree but let's hope it's got its papers.

'Coraline' (2009): $5,000

Jeremy Scott ain't got nothing on those rats riding up front of the laces. Google 'Coraline Dunk Mouse' to see what we mean.

Supreme Elephant Print Pack (2012): $8,000

Buy in bulk and save big dollars!

City Series 'London' (2004): $7,000

202 pairs for Foot Locker London. These were some LDN pride boots. Set you back a few quid, though, innit?

Diamond Supply Co. 'Tiffany' (2005): $2,339.99

Instant classic, recently begrudgingly reduced in price by a few hundred clams by this seller. How low will they go?

Undefeated 'OG Ballistic' (2002): $6,000

The retro release of this in 2013 makes the price even more scandalous. It's all about dat OG, though, I guess.

'Iron Maiden' (2007): $5,000

The seller is hoping there's a metalhead out there that lost just a few more brain cells in the moshpit than the rest.

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