2018 Releases

The 574 Revival

For its 30th anniversary, the New Balance design team has gone back to the drawing board, remastering the 574 with over 40 subtle modifications. Sleeker, sharper and more precise, the 574 should be good for another three decades of street life. Here’s a selection of what’s coming in 2018.

574 Friends and Family

This is one 574 that will never be found loitering on a shelf at your local sneaker spot. In fact, you won’t be able to purchase them anywhere. A lucky few will be blessed to receive this ultra-premium vintage-styled release, which comes complete with golden trim and unlimited street-clout. Take a closer look at the Friends and Family edition 574 here.

Peaks to Streets Pack

To celebrate the off-road origins and modern city spirit of the 574, New Balance have created twin designs destined for adventure. The classic 574 uses light grey and mismatched pastel hues inspired by the woods, while the 574 Sport edition evokes a darker urban aesthetic. Take a closer look at the Peaks to Streets pack here.

574 Classic Pack

Grey might be numero uno at New Balance, but black, burgundy and navy are never too far away. These three legendary 574 colourways have stood strong throughout the fickle toing and froing of trends. Suede and mesh construction and acute attention to detail make them a cornerstone of any footwear rotation. Take a closer look at the 574 Classic pack here.

Women’s Classic 574 Pastel Pack

For anyone who has trouble making up their mind, things aren’t about to get any easier. With a suite of soft pastels, these five 574s are a delight to behold and equally refreshing. Choose from pink, mint, mauve, pale blue and white. Luckily, there’s no wrong answer in this equation! Take a closer look at the 574 Pastel pack here.

The 574 range is available now online from New Balance.

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2018 Releases
The 574 Revival