Yeah, Nah: Yeezy 700 Vibes?

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Welcome back to Yeah, Nah: an incredibly inconsistent column that you voted against, which we publish anyway.

This time, we polled our judicious readers to get to the bottom of pressing topics like whether Nike’s Monarch M2K Tekno really is ‘Yeezy 700 Vibes’, and whether A$AP Rocky has been wearing Osirus D3s or ripped them off for Under Armour.

In other news, You shied away from the dark side when Virgil Abloh teased two Off-White Prestos, and a comfortable 62 per cent of you confirm what everyone’s thinking about the Kamanda.

Yeah Nah 1100

Nearly a year has passed since A$AP Rocky signed to Under Armour and people are getting impatient for his signature. Even him sitting in front of a pair in January led some to believe it was his design. His posing on Instagram drew the same result. But there is one thing: the sneakers he’s wearing on IG aren’t an unseen model, they’re a 90s skate icon called the Osirus D3 — right? After a decent argument being made for them being a Rocky replica, we took the picture to our own IG account to see what you thought. Luckily, 61 per cent of you were born this side of the millennium.

Yeah Nah Kamanda

Of late, adidas have ripped out a hodgepodge of releases to satisfy the everyman. The Deerupt, Arkyn, POD-S3.1 and Prophere all look to replicate the same success enjoyed by the NMD. With ties to adidas’ heritage, the Kamanda has a chance to do so, but the sceptic in us feels that adidas are trying to hit the bullseye with a shotgun.

As for your thoughts, it looks like you’re equally cynical.

,Yeah Nah Kanye

Doctor West’s triumphant return to Twitter was spearheaded by an attack on his old nemesis, Nike. The first, now infamous tweet had a picture of Nike’s M2K Tekno, with the caption reading ‘Yeezy 700 Vibes’.

The conglomerate call-out wasn’t without merit. There’s a strong resemblance, but that could be chalked up to changing trends. Just as the sneakersock was king five years ago and all sneakers seemed an amorphous bundle of knit, chunky couture is the new norm. Still, Nike are known for taking cheeky digs at Kanye (remember the Air Entertainer) so there’s every chance that the majority of you are correct in thinking the M2K owes a little something to the Wave Runner.

Yeah Nah Presto

The colab that can’t stop, won’t stop expanding at a galactic rate is delivering new Prestos. Virgil Abloh teased tonal opposites on his Instagram recently, and while it’s not yet clear whether they’ll be a hit or just a case of trying to bottle lightning, it is clear which one's the favourite.

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