Yeah, Nah: The Feature You Voted Against

Yeah Nah Feature

Welcome to Yeah, Nah: a feature you told us you didn’t like, but one we’re running anyway.

In fact, we didn’t agree on many things this week. The consensus on retro runners and Air Max Day releases had us perplexed, but hey, variety is the spice of life — and at least we’re all on the same page with the Desert Rats.

But back to your questionable taste in listicles…

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All right, what gives? One writer tries to break up their week by having a bit of fun and you shoot them down?

It’s OK, with a margin of 57 per cent ‘Nah’ and 43 per cent ‘Yeah’, we’re thinking of this one as a soft 'no' — at least, that’s how it needed to be spun during our Monday meeting in order for the boss to greenlight round two. Thanks for the support, guys, appreciate it.

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At first, this looks like a crushing defeat for adidas and a comfortable win for Nike. What we’re attributing these numbers to, though, is the ‘grass is greener’ effect. Sneakerheads always want what they can’t have — it’s an affliction — and when Matthew Walsh reimagined the DBZ colab as a Nike endeavour, he gave us a peek over the neighbour’s fence.

It didn't help that he crushed the illustrations. You can revisit them here.

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We played ourselves with this one. We try to engineer these questions so that polls are as close as possible, but we were blinded by our love for retro runners. While we are ready (and waiting) for a Mizuno revival, we wholeheartedly agree that the world is not.

Popular vote isn’t always right, though; look at American politics. We stand firmly in camp ‘Bring ‘em Back’ and can’t wait to see what 90s nostalgia Mizuno are cooking up.

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We got our first on-foot look at the 'Blush' Desert Rats last week and you guys weren’t impressed. Neither were we, really, but we (and you) are wrong.

Kanye has proven enough times that he’s so far ahead of the curve we can’t understand him. When he dropped 808s & Heartbreak we gave the coldest story ever told the cold shoulder. Now, years later, it’s a classic that reshaped the music industry. The Wave Runner is our first sign of him doing the same in the sneakerspheres. Growing demand and copycat releases can be taken as a sign that bigger is better and burlier is best. It’ll just take us a moment to come around.

You can get a better look at the shoes here.

Yeah Nah Sqre 3

So according to you, last year’s Air Max Day has this year's covered. Even though we’re expecting the return of the Air Max 180 and 93 in OG colours, Air Max 97 hybrids, TN/Vapormax harmony, Sean Wotherspoon’s corduroy creation and the all-new Air Max 270...

Yes, last year we got the VaporMax, but you couldn't say that Nike haven’t stepped things up for 2018. You guys are tripping.

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