Yeah, Nah: The 6 God's Plan

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The journalistic bastion of integrity that is our ‘Yeah, Nah’ feature is known for tackling poignant social issues, but this time we’re aiming even higher. This time, we’re talking about Drake.

The 6 God’s plans have been under scrutiny lately due to rumours he’s leaving Jordan Brand. With whispers from industry insiders and an odd footwear choice fuelling the fire, we decided to run the question by the only source of footwear knowledge that matters: Instagram.

We've polled you on a few hot topics recently, and consequently, we're worried about your views on pizza, placated by your stance on Balenciaga, and unsurprised by your response to Yeezy 500s. But, to be honest, we’re here for Drake, so let’s get into it.

Yeah Nah Drake Jordan

Everybody's asking', ‘is Drake ditching Jordan Brand?’ No one ever asks, ‘how does Drake feel about Jordan Brand.'

It makes sense that the ‘Jumpman’ rapper should stick with the Jumpman, but did those who voted this way pause to think about Drake’s needs? The dude is obviously problematic in relationships. He went out Rihanna — an S&M-advocating goddess — and still couldn’t keep it together. Drake’s years at Jordan Brand are probably the longest relationship he’s ever had, and given his feelings for his bed and his mother, the union has been a loveless one.

We dive into the issue further here and here, but the take-away is that we want Drake to be happy. We think he should leave.

Yeah Nah Pizza Hut

Back to Drake in a minute. Right now: pizza. Anyone who thinks that this PieTop II isn’t the pinnacle of sneaker technology is confused. It orders pizza for you and pauses the television while you get off the couch to collect it — what more do you want?! Like, self-lacing HyperAdapts are fine and all, but they're lacking the all-important pizza factor.

We understand that these sneakers don’t look the best, but they don’t need to. They’re the sweatpants of footwear. They’re destined only for trips from couch to door, and for that, they’re perfect.

,Yeah Nah Drake Yeezy

When murmurs of Drake’s mutiny first surfaced, we were on the fence. But after seeing him in Yeezys, we’ve been nudged over the edge. As have you, but only by 2 per cent. Consensus is that this signals the end of Drake’s tenure at Jordan Brand.

As we mentioned, it’s probably for the best. No one treats artists as well as adidas and Drake’s Jays have been decidedly lacklustre. On the bright side, this could mean good things for adidas’ next All-Star Weekend concert.

Yeah Nah Yeezy 500

This is a typical response because people are boring. You don’t go for a shoe like Kanye’s Yeezy 500 to slink into the background in beige – you wear it to stand out. You wear it to make lames question their rote buying habits and wonder why it was that they passed on Wave Runners for retail and then paid a stack for them after seeing cooler people wear them. Yes, ‘Super Moon Yellow’ does have a lot in common with urine yellow, but that only makes them more provocative.

Yeah Nah Balenciaga

Balenciaga unveiled a new sneaker at their Fall/Winter 2018 runway show and it’s as ugly as you’d expect. Holding nothing sacred, the brand has moved from couture to outdoors and tarnished utilitarian footwear, embellishing its characteristically busy nature with undue supports and a splayed undercarriage. Still, if Balenciaga have proven anything it’s their ability to take a design from joke, to ironic acceptance, to sought-after item. Maybe, like the Triple S, we'll one day come around to these too.

Yeah Nah Presto

Errolson Hugh’s ACRONYM is rumoured to be collaborating with Nike on another Presto drop. Their 2016 efforts rocked sneakerheads with blazing neon no one knew they needed, so you’d think that round two would be equally as disruptive. However, it looks to be more of the same. Renders from py_rates show a fluorescent yellow and dull grey pair served up with dual zips at the heel. Are they groundbreaking? No. Are people still thirsty for them? The numbers say yes.

You can read the leaked release info here.

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