Yeah, Nah: Polling the People

Yeah Nah

Welcome to Yeah, Nah: a new feature that cuts through the poseur pageantry of commenting on social media to glean readers’ honest opinions on current sneaker stories.

Before anyone misconstrues this as science — it isn’t. Those familiar with the bizarre phrase that is ‘yeah, nah’ will understand that it’s a comment on everything and nothing. It’s a gushing yes, a firm no, and a closing argument in two syllables.

In keeping with its vague meaning, we won’t be treating Yeah, Nah as a cross-sectional review or double-blind study. Rather, it’ll be our way of touching base on which acts in the sneaker circus our readers enjoyed, and an excuse to weigh in on whether we think they're right.


We knew you were going to hate on this one. But to the 69 (nice) per cent of you who voted ‘No Chance’, this was a trick question because Chanel’s bulky new footwear actually bangs. The high-reaching, strapped versions are a hard sell but the low-tops are glorious. Here's the proof.


The response to this was so genuinely surprising that we’ve come to the conclusion that two thirds of the voters were lying. Nearly everyone who hated the Wave Runner in 2017 has come around.

Whether that’s due to brainwashing hype or an honest change in heart is irrelevant; the Wave Runners are a champion of the dad shoe movement and so popular that adidas are even bringing them back.


A close call, but the right one. The line between homage and sacrilege is so thin we questioned whether this was a hybrid Nike could get away with.

Now, however, we’re sold. And it looks like you are too.

Air Force 1

What are the odds of getting the same results twice? It’s promising to see the majority of you embracing Nike’s wild retro baller collection. But, in saying that, this was the most palatable of the lot. The rest of the collection gets very weird.

Air Jordan 4

The black Air Jordan 4 selling out first is a safe bet, but we’ll have to wait until June to see if it’s the right one. You can take a closer look here in the meantime.

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