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WTF is Wrong With Big Baller Brand?

Lonzo Ball Lavar Ball Close 2Lonzo Ball Lavar Ball Close 2

When Lonzo Ball’s manager shoved the ZO2 sneaker down a garbage chute, the obituary was complete.

An FBI investigation, a $3 million lawsuit, the siphoning of $1.5 million, an F grade from the Better Business Bureau, covered tattoos and bloated price tags, surely this was the end of Big Baller Brand and their relentless frontman, LaVar Ball?

Not quite.

This is the story of the spectacular rise and fall of Big Baller Brand.

No story of the Big Baller Brand would be complete without citing its patriarch. LaVar’s ego has already sent him on a collision course with Donald Trump, blew up a potential $10 million deal between Lonzo and Nike, and resulted in the so-called ‘LaVar Ball Rule’, which forbade the media members from speaking with the Ball family at Lakers home games.

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