The Wildest and Weirdest Nike Air Max 1s

Nike Air Max 1 CNY Longevity

Nike Air Max 1s are some of the most popular sneakers out there, having released hundreds (if not at least a thousand) of different colourways. Naturally, once a shoe starts pulling big numbers, some editions are going to be better than others. Conversely, some are weirder than others. Here’s a 12-pack of some zany AM1s from over the years that’ll stand out in any collection.

Nike Air Max 1 Golf Grass


For those pathologically online people who have been advised to go outside and touch grass – consider these golfing AM1s. They’ve dragged everything from the 18 holes back home, hence the shaggy faux buffalo lawn uppers. They do have gum soles, though, so they’re automatically good.

Nike Air Max 1 CLOT Kiss of Death

CLOT ‘Kiss of Death’

CLOT went crazy for their inaugural colab with Nike on the AM1. The clear toe box (apparently the third-ever instance of clear panelling on a Swoosh shoe) is this pair’s defining feature, not to mention the acupuncture-inspired detailing, lack of lining and exotic textures.

,Nike Air Max 1 Best Friend

‘Best Friend’

Kicks on canines are cute, but canine kicks are quirky. The doggo inspo behind these 1s is somewhat abstract, but that results in unconventional elements like furry tongues and polka dots. Apparently, they were supposed to release for Air Max Day 2022 but arrived much later.

Nike Air Max 1 Concepts Mellow
Nike Air Max 1 Concepts Heavy
Nike Air Max 1 Concepts Far Out


Concepts like a good… concept, such as the psychedelic-soaked back-end of the 1960s. And that’s what inspired this three-pack with freaky fabrics like stonewash denim, wine-coloured velvet and bandana paisley. ‘Mellow’, ‘Heavy’ or ‘Far Out’?

Nike Air Max 1 CNY Longevity

CNY ‘Longevity’

Lunar/Chinese New Year-themed sneakers aren’t new, but these AM1s from 2019 were certainly original. The ‘Longevity’ is shiny and colourful AF, which is in reference to the glassy glaze traditional porcelain bowls were finished with, plus the bright pigments decorating their surface.

Nike Air Max 1 atmos Animal

atmos ‘Animal’

The ‘Animal’ series from atmos has Noah’s Ark’d the most majestic creatures from the animal kingdom. Felines, bovines, and other categories not ending in ‘ine’ feature on these fuzzy foot coverings. They may be wild, but they’re quite easy to tame on foot.

,Nike Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze

‘Tokyo Maze’

Japan loves Air Max. The ‘Tokyo Maze’ was conceived in 2019 as part of the ‘On Air’ collection, and the inspiration comes from the dizzying urban planning of the cultural capital. Left and right feet have their black and white lines inverted, finished with rainbow laces and red Air units.

Nike Air Max 1 Just Do It

‘Just Do It’

Nike’s most famous tagline, ‘Just Do It’, was conceived in 1988 by Wieden+Kennedy and launched via a campaign that included the AM1. This referential pair goes full circle, despite it likely not being how the ad agency would’ve imagined it.

Nike Air Max 1 Great Indoors

‘Great Indoors’

The most recent addition to the AM1 lineup inspired this list, with the ‘Great Indoors’ being something of a spiritual successor to pairs like the ‘Animal’. The mixed materials and patterns, in tandem with the colourway, seem to point towards a renowned Toy Story character.

Nike Air Max 1 Lunar Kabutomushi


Kabutomushi is the Japanese name for a species of rhinoceros beetle largely present in the island nation. Its iridescent shell and tough exterior inform these AM1s (reissued with a Lunar sole in 2015 as part of a wider pack), to which Nike took the liberty of adding ‘safari’ panelling.

Nike Air Max 1 Liquid Metal

‘Liquid Metal’

A time capsule of the early to mid-2010s era when the brand was figuring out their lifestyle play, these shiny 1s are so audacious and gaudy. They seemed to arrive fashionably late to the ‘indie sleaze’ movement that wrapped up a few years prior. Did Lily Allen ever rock these?

Nike Air Max 1 Leopard FB

‘Yellow Leopard FB’

In a similar vein to the previous animal-inspired pairs, the ‘Yellow Leopard’ edition (which bore a ‘FB’ suffix due to some sort of football connection) was a product of its time. The shoddy shape of the era is no issue, as the scorching pattern hid everything, warts and all.

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