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Which NBA Players Will Have Their Talents Stolen in Space Jam 2?

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Space Jam 2 was meant to start filming this offseason, but we’ve heard next to nothing regarding the much-hyped All-Star cast joining LeBron James on set. Word has it that ‘The King’ is struggling to find disciples due to difficulties with sneaker contracts.

With the Space Jam franchise inextricably linked to Nike and Jordan Brand, the chances of seeing stars like James Harden (adidas) and Steph Curry (Under Armour) alongside ‘Bron is unlikely. With that in mind, do the Swoosh still have enough firepower on their roster to compile a team of Monstars as badass as the OGs? We had a look whose talents the filmmakers could steal.

Kyrie Irving Nike Official Pic Dribbling
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Kyrie Irving – Point Guard

Standing at just 160cm (5ft 3) tall, Muggsy Bogues remains the shortest man ever to play in the NBA. Despite his pint-sized stature, he became a target for the Nerdlucks thanks to his ridiculous agility and dribbling skills.

For the Space Jam sequel, you’d expect producers to seek out a player with equally legendary handles; and while Chris Paul should consider himself unlucky on this occasion, we got to go with Kyrie Irving to run point.

The former Celtic and Cav has plenty of history with LeBron, and his experience on the set of Uncle Drew would definitely hold him in good stead.

Russell Westbrook Why Not Promo Shot
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Russell Westbrook - Shooting Guard

An out-of-this-world squad needs an injection of out-of-this-world athleticism, and no one has more of that than Russell Westbrook.

We could’ve shimmied Paul George into the position, but Russ is probably the better fit at SG – not to mention he’s got that Monstars-esque bravado.

And those Why Nots would look wild on screen!

Giannis Greek Featured 1170X780 Dribble
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Giannis Antetokounmpo - Center

Despite doing his best work at Power Forward, we suspect Giannis Antetokounmpo would be a prime Center target for the Nerdlucks in the upcoming film. Also, you’re probably not going to find someone to mimic 229cm-tall Shawn Bradley anytime soon.

Aside from MJ, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing were undoubtedly the biggest names to appear in Space Jam. And while replacing the latter in the sequel would be no easy task, we think the ‘Greek Freak’ would slot in nicely with his similar 7-foot frame and insane skillset.

Paul George Pacers In Game

Paul George – Small Forward

With Kevin Durant unlikely to join the cast due to his own entertainment pursuits, Paul George becomes a no-brainer to fill the Small Forward position (especially with his LA Clippers teammate Kawhi Leonard out of the running).

After enjoying one of his best seasons ever, George invigorated his career similarly to OG Monstar Larry Johnson, who developed a formidable outside game to supplement his diminished explosiveness after injuring his back.

Air Jordan 34 Zion Williamson Promo
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Zion Williamson - Power Forward

He’s headlined Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan 34 campaign, and been one of game’s most talked about players this off-season… but he’s still yet to play his first NBA game. To many, however, Zion Williamson’s hype is very much justified following his exploits in the Duke jersey.

We haven’t seen a rookie create the same type of buzz since LeBron back in ’03, so a face-off between ‘The King’ and the heir apparent in the film would make for compulsory viewing.

Please, if director Malcolm D. Lee is reading this – make it happen!

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