What Sneakers Will We Wear in the Future?

What Sneakers Will We Wear In The Future 5

Look, we’re not too far off a modern-day dystopia. The polar ice caps are melting, Kanyes wearing MAGA caps, and everyones addicted to nangs. So, while we wait for that Doomsday Clock to officially strike midnight, lets prepare our kicks for the apocalypse.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner

2019: Do Androids Dream of adidas Originals?

We have less than a year until the Tyrell Corporation assumes omniscient power and rogue replicants from off-world colonies terrorise Earth. If you’re going to hunt replicants and receive a mad bounty, you’ll need some reliable kicks. According to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, they'll be adidas. Rick Deckard is spotted wearing modified Stan Smiths made from military boot leather and built for high polish. Basketball referees originally wore these designs back in the 1980s. Keen to survive until Blade Runner 2049? Then you’re probably going to need something along the lines of the Bates E07006. Yeah, you’re going to need a lot of shoeshine for Dick’s dystopia.

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2029: Nike Vandal > Human Race

Within the first few minutes of Terminator, Kyle Reese is rummaging through a department store, naked, hunting for some clean black Nike Vandals. Yes, the cops are on his ass, and yeah, an evil, flexed Arnie Schwarz is at some point going to track him down (also naked). But for now, it’s time to cop the ,Air Jordan 1s beautiful little bro. There’s no Air in the sole of the Vandal, but see if you can last long enough till Arnie turns good in Judgement Day.

What Sneakers Will We Wear In The Future 2

2035: The Fourth Law of Robotics

Yes, Sonny killed Alfred Lanning, but only because he disobeyed the fourth laws of robotics: 'Don’t touch my fucking Chucks.' In 2035, the Converse brand continues to thrust itself into the mainstream consciousness, admired by rogue detectives and iPod-looking robots alike. Product placement is also on point in the future. The One Star is laced throughout i-Robot's 115 minutes. In fact, it's the only thing I remember from the movie.

What Sneakers Will We Wear In The Future 3

2060: One Boot on the Highways of Valhalla

Immortan Joe and his War Boys, Furiosa and her War Rig, Max and his perpetual nightmares — safe to say, Fury Road’s post-apocalyptic desert wasteland is dark as f***. You're going to need some heavy-duty boots while you’re on the hunt for that sweet, sweet Aqua Cola. The Alpinestars Roam 2 Air Boots should suffice. The build is remarkably similar to Furiosa’s boots, which feature long Velcro tabs along the sides, quilting on the insteps, diamond-shaped heels and a Velcro flap (possibly for a zipper). Now you just need that 78-foot, 18-wheel War Rig.

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2157: Reebok Immortalises Sigourney Weaver’s Alien Stomper

Pulling influence from Sigourney Weaver’s battle with the Xenomorph Queen in Aliens, Reebok actually decided to give us a taste of the future with the Alien Stomper. The ‘Final Battle’ pack was released in 2017 for $325. The pack consisted of two models — ‘The Queen’, inspired by the Xenomorph’s skeleton, and the ‘Powerloader’, taking its cues from the robotic cargo suit.

Pick your poison and I'll see ya'll somewhere in space.

Who knows, maybe it'll be a utopia.

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