What if Nike Air Max Sneakers Had Modern Formula 1 Liveries?

Nike Air Max Formula 1 Liveries

Sneakers and motorsport may seem like strange bedfellows, but they’re actually closely related – especially Formula 1. The industries have both shared technologies, and sportswear brands have even sponsored race teams.

It’s time for the Australian Grand Prix, and to celebrate the upcoming 58 laps around Albert park, we imagined what modern Formula 1 liveries would look like as Nike Air Max sneakers.

Nike Air Max 97 AMR23

Nike Air Max 97 ‘AMR23’

Everyone’s jaws dropped when Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso hit the Bahrain International Circuit for preseason testing. Following multiple hot laps around the circuit that sat alongside the top teams, it was clear that the AMR23 was primed to be a competitive force for the 2023 season. Following Aston Martin podiums in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, it seems the Lawrence Stroll-backed team will continue to rise, seeing the Constructors stand with Alonso as the driving force!,

To match the aggressive nature of the AMR23, we chose the Air Max 97, kitting it out in the classic Aston Martin racing green tone and black – mimicking the additional use of carbon fibre this year. Cognizant, their namesake sponsor, has been emblazoned on the lateral alongside a British flag on the toe box.

Nike Air Max 95 F1-75 Monza

Nike Air Max 95 ‘F1-75 Monza’

Ferrari’s 2022 F1-75 delivered plenty of ups and downs throughout last year, and Charles Leclerc was primed to be a championship contender after winning in Bahrain and Australia. Sadly, that all came crashing down after Verstappen found his feet and dominated the rest of the year. Despite their subpar performance and egregious pitstop strategies, there was one good thing that came out of last season’s F1-75 – the celebratory Monza livery!

The Air Max 95 was the perfect canvas to don the yellow-and-red build that celebrated 75 years of Ferrari. The use of yellow was a welcomed choice for fans, as it’s the team’s second colour, matches the background of their logo and represents their hometown of Modena.

Nike Air Max 98 MCL35M Monaco

Nike Air Max 98 ‘MCL35M Monaco’

Throughout the history of the McLaren racing team, Gulf Oil has been an on-again-off-again sponsor since the 1960s. In 2020, the duo reunited, and in 2021, they crafted a one-off Gulf livery for the historic Monaco GP. The legendary colours are synonymous with motorsport, adorned famously on many Porsches and Fords. Drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris also wore special race suits. During the Monaco GP, then-up-and-comer Norris ended the race with a podium while Ricciardo sat in P12.

For the Gulf-inspired iteration, we used the Air Max 98 and kitted it out in beautiful orange and blue. The midfoot also features the team’s Coca-Cola sponsorship alongside Lando Norris’ number ‘4’.

Nike Air Max 2002 Mercedes W10 German

Nike Air Max 2002 ‘Mercedes W10 German’

Remember the 2019 German Grand Prix? Mercedes were celebrating 125 years in motorsport and their 200th F1 start. The whole team donned 1950s-style outfits, and their garage was decked out with historic racing posters of the Silver Arrows. A special livery was another highlight, signifying the original German national racing colour of white and the modern-day silver that’s now associated with the team. So, did they have a good 200th GP? Far from it!

Lewis Hamilton lost his front wing and then got a five-second penalty, but he also decided to take a risk. Instead of pitting behind the safety car for slick tires, he stayed out on his worn intermediates. It didn’t work out, though, with Hamilton ultimately ending up in eighth place. Their second driver Valtteri Bottas was doing well, running P4 at lap 47, but ended up having a nasty crash during the 57th lap of Nürburgring!

To celebrate the W10s, we used the Air Max 2002. Although it’s commonly remembered in a white colourway, we adorned it in silver to celebrate the colours of the special German GP livery. If you look carefully, you can see an old-school Mercedes logo alongside their all-over print three-point star.

Keen to see classic Formula 1 liveries as Nike Air Max sneakers? Head here!

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