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Watch 5 Iconic Eric Koston Moments

Eric Koston Nike Sb AdEric Koston Nike Sb Ad

is no stranger to footwear design. Having started his Pro Model journey in 1997 with the release of his éS Koston K1, Eric set the precedent for his career. His relationship with éS would lead to six more shoe designs, many of which featured prominently on double page spreads in skate mags between 1997 and 2005. When Eric left éS in 2005, he had a very brief stint at Lakai, resulting in the release of the Lakai Koston Series.

However, that relationship was short lived because, just one year later, Eric found what we believe is his rightful home at . During the design process of the Koston 1, Eric told the Swoosh’s skateboarding imprint that he wanted ‘nothing’, which sounds confusing no matter your level of experience in footwear design. Instead of boasting all the bells and whistles, the relied on the most subtle details, resulting in a shoe that Eric has explained as ‘the most scaled down minimal thing you can get out of years of inspiration’.

So, it’s the little things that champion the Koston 1, make this so-called ‘nothing’ shoe all the more special. For example, on the lateral side you’ll spot a small bump in the midsole that was inspired by the Air Jordan 11, while the stars on the bottom of the sole allow a subtle nod to well-known classics like the and SB Dunks. Elsewhere, the pull tab at the top was inspired by Eric’s second shoe at éS. The Koston 1 truly is a performance skate shoe.

In celebration of his 43rd birthday, we took a dive through the interwebs for a few iconic Eric Koston moments.

What else is there to say? Nothing.

Watch and enjoy.

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