Unwrapping the Air Jordan 1 TWIX ‘Cookies and Creme’

The Shoe Surgeon Twix Cookies And Creme Box 6

One of the sweetest collaborations in recent memory, The Shoe Surgeon x Air Jordan 1 TWIX ‘Cookies and Creme’ looks so tasty we nearly took a bite. Crafted by the expert hand of sneaker customiser The Shoe Surgeon, the Air Jordan 1 TWIX is a tour de force, combining elaborate packaging, material diversity, and conceptual mastery to deliver perhaps his best work yet. We linked up with Dominic ‘The Shoe Surgeon’ Ciambrone to peel open the inspiration behind the design.

The Shoe Surgeon Twix Cookies And Creme Box 5

How did you manage to link up with TWIX?
TWIX hit me up. They were looking to do something new and unique to launch the new Cookies and Creme flavour.

What did the initial brainstorming process look like? Why did you make specific material choices?
Originally, we just wanted to resemble the Cookies and Creme candy bar. But when you add branding and other colours, it only made sense for me to design them to mimic the candy bar itself. From the wrapper on the outside, to the candy on the inside.

The Shoe Surgeon Twix Cookies And Creme Sole 2

Can you tell us about the process of actually putting the shoe together – specifically the wild sole unit!,
The shoe we designed and made comes in layers. It’s a process. Especially the sole. It takes an additional 2–3 hours per pair just because of the soles.

Do you feel like tear-away uppers are going to be big this year?
Tear away uppers have always been around. Last year, it really came out more. But this year? It’s a good question. I don’t think it will be that big. For me, it just made sense because we were mimicking the wrapper.

The Shoe Surgeon Twix Cookies And Creme Tongue

You’re often working on the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. Is there a particular reason? Can you tell us about your personal relationship with the sneaker.
The original 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1 was really my first hype/Grail sneaker. My cousin had these magical shoes – I didn’t know what they were. When I wore them during freshman year of high school that all changed. I felt the power they gave me. I believe that’s one of the main reasons I enjoy working on them so much. I mean, they’re also just a classic.

Will we see more of these kinds of broader releases from you in the future?
Yes most definitely! Working on all types of silhouettes, designs, ideas ... not just shoes.

The Shoe Surgeon Twix Cookies And Creme Box

Can you give us an idea of your plans for 2020?
The first quarter of 2020 is almost over. We have moved into the new space. We’re building out the private showroom for clients where they can park inside again. My 2020 plans are just to remain humble and continue to give back. I’m also looking at accessories, bags, jackets, clothing, art and more. I really started creating because of shoes. But I’m a creator, and just love designing and making things. That’s my biggest passion.

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