Tricks of the Trade: Failproof Steps for Buying Sneakers Online


Buying sneakers online is a blast. You can do it just about anywhere, from the comfort of your own home to while you wait for coffee. But with all the advantages, it’s also not without its headaches. Did your shoes arrive from an overseas retailer only for them to be a half size too small? Are you unsure about the true colour of the model? We know these struggles all too well. So, we thought we’d go over the most prevalent ones and provide some strategies to combat them. Cue all the retail therapy.


First Time Buys

Great! You’re keen to step into a new pair of shoes for the very first time. Of course, as exciting as this can be, in reality, it’s not without potential uncertainty. There are many things to consider when stepping into the unknown, so it’s important to do your research so you can avoid unwanted surprises. When it comes to applying this approach to sneakers, we’re talking about pinpointing the particular look and feel of features, aesthetics and so on. Are the midsoles super chunky? Are they on the narrow side? How metallic are they IRL?

The best thing you can do here is to use the resources at your disposal. Read product descriptions on shop pages, shoe reviews, and even trawl social media for reviews to get an idea of the public opinion on the silhouette or colourway. All in all, the aim here is to obtain as informed of an opinion as possible. On the flip side, sometimes shoes end up looking better in the flesh! At this point, if you’ve decided you’re pretty invested in making the purchase, you can get into fleshing out some other key points.


Colourway Uncertainty

Often, the shade of certain colourways or materials can vary based on photography, meaning that something may appear lighter, darker, or even a different texture than it is in IRL. We know the feeling – because you’ve never actually seen the shoe in the flesh, it can be hard to know how they truly look. Well, there are a few things you can do to get some clarity here. Firstly, have you purchased from the retailer before? If you have, you might have a good indication of how their product shots fare. If not, you can always compare the images to those of other online stores and see if there are any discrepancies. Generally speaking, photography from OG stores and direct from brands is your safest reference point.,


Getting Sizing Just Right

In all honesty, unless you have extensive experience across all the brands and their vast silhouette offerings, being explorative in trying new silhouettes (aka, new models or shoes you haven’t worn before) can sometimes result in cops that are too small or too big – even when you didn’t expect this to be the case. If, for some reason, you’re unsure about sizing, consider the following:

Talk to the sneaker people around you and ask if they know how that model’s sizing works. You can make contact with the sneaker store that’s slinging the pairs by hitting them up via email or sliding into their DMs. There, ask if the pairs are true to size or otherwise. And most importantly, always check the size chart for the shoe – all good retailers will have them available.

Note: size charts vary from brand to brand, but European sizing is usually quite universal. Top tip: get acquainted with your European shoe size. (And don’t worry – every sneaker person has purchased the wrong size at least once!)


Missing Out

Most of the time, there’s so much going on in sneakers year-round that you have releases coming at you from all angles. Even the most organised people can slip up every now and then, so forgetting and missing out on shoes you’ve been eyeing is always a very real possibility. But, of course, there are some tricks to help one get their ducks in a row.

You could set reminders or alarms. Perhaps a handwritten note is more your style. But we’ve got an even better way of keeping on top of it all. Your best bet, according to us? Keeping it locked to Sneaker Freaker’s channels! We’ve got all bases covered around the clock. Peep our .com, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now. Don’t be shy!

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