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Tracing the Meteoric Arrival of the Converse Sponge Crater

Converse Sponge Crater Natural Ivory

The Chuck Taylor All Star is the ultimate pair of Converse kicks, but 100-plus-year-old basketball shoes aren't all the brand is known for. They’re reminding everybody of that vehemently, as the new Sponge Crater has just crash-landed in the sneakersphere. Let’s see the mark that this disruptive style has made – at first sight, they’re the most un-Converse-like Converse shoe yet.

Comfort Kings

As comfort is one of the key brief points of the Sponge Crater, there are plenty of considerations made to maximise the good times on-foot. Doing away with shoelaces is already a sign of the times, but check out how it takes the sock-fit to the next level. An engineered knit fabric bootie provides three-dimensional ergonomics and superior ventilation, all while holding the foot down. However, the ultimate mod con is the XL heel kick that encourages handsfree removal of the shoes.

The eggcrate-style tread is a 21st-century evolution of the idiosyncratic diamond outsole pattern found on the Chuck Taylor, and is now integrated directly into the sole rather than as a separate piece for direct comfort. While the Sponge Crater is visually about as far removed from Converse heritage as possible, it can’t help but incorporate just a touch of history.

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