Sporty Spice's Top Sneaker Moments

Mel C

If you were around in the mid-90s, you no doubt remember a little cultural phenomenon called the Spice Girls. Five fresh-faced gals from England, each embodying their own girl-band persona, took the world by storm and became the biggest pop sensation since The Beatles. It was wild.

Kids the world over sectioned themselves off into groups of five, choosing which part they'd play, whose parts they'd sing, and whose style they'd emulate. Without a doubt, those designated as their group's Sporty Spice came out on top. Three Stripes tracksuits, no teetering platforms, and a sneaker rotation bursting with heat.

The mid-90s were primetime for sneakers, and Sporty Spice, aka Mel Chisholm, took advantage of the plethora of bangers on offer. From classic Air Max choices to Tailwinds and Triaxes, her everydays are now considered grails. Here's some of her best moments.

Spice Girls Mel C Air Max 96 Ii
Image via Getty

Nike Air Max 96 II

Mel C knew what so many people didn't realise: the Nike Air Max 96 II is one of the best bubbles ever, and it doesn't get the full amount of love that it deserves.

Spice Girls Sporty Spicenike Air Max Tailwind 96

Nike Air Max Tailwind

The Tailwind 4 is about to launch back onto shelves thanks to a Supreme colab, but here's Mel C rocking the OG 'Wind post its '96 release.

,Spice Girls Mel C Air Max Triax 96
Image via Alamy (Different colourway pictured)

Nike Air Max Triax '96

With its elongated Air bubble, sunburst midfoot panel, and bold colour-blocking, the Air Max Triax '96 is an absolute banger. Hell, they'd even fit right into today's sneaker landscape (Nike, a retro would go down an absolute treat. Please, and thank you).

Spice Girls Sporty Spicenike Air Zoom Spiridon

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon

She may have been a devout worshiper at the altar of Air Max, but sometimes Sporty kept her Air hidden. We're all for her choice of the Spiridon, but we'll leave the matching pinstripe pant suits.

Spice Girls Mel C Air Humara

Nike Air Humara

Remember how everyone frothed trail shoes in 2018? Ha. Mel C was rocking Humaras when today's young hypebeasts were merely a twinkle in their father's eye.

Spice Girls Brit Awards Mel C Air Max 96

Nike Air Max 96

Everyone remembers the Spice Girls' 1997 Brit Awards for Geri Halliwell's Union Jack dress/t-shirt, whose hemline whipped the tabloids into a frenzy (remember, it was a more innocent time, before underwear became outwear, and hemlines travelled further north). But we're looking at Mel's Shoes. The OG Air Max 96 in 'Dark Concord'? Yes please!

Spice Girls Sporty Spicenike Air Max 95
Image: Dennis Gill

Nike Air Max 95

A 'Neon' Air Max 95 needs no introduction. It looked immaculate then, it looks immaculate now, and we're even willing to look past Sporty's constant brand clash.

Spice Girls Sporty Spicenike Air Max 98
Image via Getty

Air Max 98

Air Max 95s, Spiridons and 'Tour Yellow' Air Max 98s, Mel C knew what was up and here we are, 20 years later, fiending for retroes and eating up 90s rereleases like they're gummi bears.

Spice Girls Mel C Air Max Triax 94
(Different colourway pictured)

Air Max Triax '94

We saw the '96 Triax above, but we'd hazard a guess that she loved the '94 even more (just check the header image above). These were one that the Swoosh gave another run too, releasing a retro in 2014.

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