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Five of the Best Colette Colabs

1100X735 Colette

We thought we'd recovered from the sadness of Colette’s closure last December; we were over it, we had moved on. But then Jordan Brand gifted the Parisian boutique a farewell Jordan 1 to celebrate the brand's history of colabs, and we crumbled all over again. With that perfect shade of cobalt and a penchant for using some often-overlooked styles, Colette rang up a long list of successful partnerships and left an indelible mark on the fashion industry.

So join us on this trip down memory lane as we revisit some of Colette's best releases.

Colette 20Th Anniversary Nike Air Woven 001
Colette Nike Air Woven Blue White 20Th Anniversary 3
Colette Nike Air Woven Blue White 20Th Anniversary 2
Colette Nike Air Woven 01 1200X799

Colette x Nike Air Woven (2017)

See what we mean about Colette's penchant for underappreciated styles? The Colette x Nike Air Woven released in 2017 to celebrate the boutique’s 20th year and dropped exclusively at the brand’s Paris boutique. Only 213 pairs of the sleek sneaker were made in honour of the shop’s street address. It's not surprising that they've gone down in sneaker lore as one of the legendary brand's most sought-after colabs.

Colette Best Footwear Collaborations 14
Colette Best Footwear Collaborations 16
Colette Best Footwear Collaborations 27
Colette Best Footwear Collaborations 15

Colette x Kith x PUMA Blaze of Glory and Disc Blaze (2016)

When two of the biggest names in the sneaker game joined forces, their progeny’s dopeness was all but ensured. Kith head honcho Ronnie Fieg and Colette teamed up on a duo of PUMAs – a Blaze of Glory and a Disc Blaze – that proved Colette blue steals attention even next to the most out-there tech.

Colette Asics Gl3 Dotty Bumper 3
Asics Colette
Colette Asics Gl3 Dotty Bumper 2

Colette x ASICS Gel III (2015)

Colette loves an anniversary colab, and so they were the perfect choice for ASICS when it came time to celebrate the GEL-Lyte III's 25th anniversary. This shoe was wrapped in the signature colour combo and sports an all-over polka dot print – a nod to Colette's two-dot logo. It doesn’t come more Colette than that.

Colette Lamjc New Balance 1500

Colette x La MJC x New Balance (2006)

Surprising as it is, not all Colette creations get the blue treatment, and New Balance’s 2006 colab with Colette and La MJC was one to buck the trend. Taking to NB's 1500, the lords of Parisian cool went for royal purple instead tempered with white and black, and plied the shoe with a range of premium leathers.

Raf Simons Colette Meets Comme Des Garcons Vans Slip On 01
Raf Simons Colette Meets Comme Des Garcons Vans Slip On 02
Raf Simons Colette Meets Comme Des Garcons Vans Slip On 03

Colette x Raf Simons x Comme des Garçons x Vans Slip-On (2005)

Colette was known not only as a sneaker store of the highest order, but also a high fashion emporium. And so, the 2005 Raf Simmons x Colette Meets Comme des Garçons x Vans Slip-Ons take the cake as the pinnacle of the boutique’s colabs. Their provenance may not be as immediately recognisable as other colabs, but they are all the cooler for it. And given that only 100 were made, they may just be the most coveted.

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