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Tips to Help You Cop on Nike's SNKRS App

Nike SNKRS Tips

Nike’s vice grip on the sneakersphere also extends to the smartphone world, where their all-conquering SNKRS platform remains unrivalled in terms of app-based retail experiences. The app gives users exclusive access to the latest launches, with plenty of product storytelling to boot. Honestly, if you’re a sneakerhead and you haven’t installed it already – just do it.

Despite being the single biggest place to cop Nike releases, it's not always easy picking up what you want. Don’t worry, we’ve had some Ls, too… That said, experience does count for a lot, so we’ve compiled some tips so that hopefully your next ‘Got ‘Em’ is just around the corner. 

nike snkrs screenshot
nike snkrs screenshot

Rise and Shine!

Don’t make the rookie mistake of sleeping through the W that could’ve been. Set an alarm and wake up 15 minutes before each drop to make sure you don’t miss entering.

Power in Numbers

At the end of the day, it's still all down to luck, but there's a chance that you can increase your odds by asking family members and friends to enter for you. And hey, playing by the rules guarantees you good karma too!

In it to Win it!

Enter as many draws as you can. This should be a fair process, so just make sure you have a decent 4G/5G signal or Wi-Fi connection.


It’s All in the Details

Pay attention to the non-commercial content that’s being posted. Early access and secret links are often given to people who watch and take part in the content. Additionally, keep a close eye on the effects on photos - some drops have had scratch and hidden photos, which can secure you a pair.

You Loyal. Nike Appreciates That

Rumours suggest the more you purchase, the higher chance you have of scoring in future. If you only go for high heat drops, then it’s less likely you will cop on a regular basis. Altering the algorithm and picking up some easy GR wins (even if you send them back) can help, as the app could reward your loyalty come the next hype drop.

While these tips can help increase your chances, you still have to be prepared for disappointment on occasion. Check out The Art of Taking an L ​to help ease the pain.

This feature was originally published on September 17, 2020.

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