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The Weirdest Sneaker Conspiracies Ever!

The Weirdest Sneaker Conspiracies EverThe Weirdest Sneaker Conspiracies Ever

Remember skipping class to smoke jays, sip cream soda, and YouTube 'Zeitgeist' until we fried our brains and threw our 3310s in the toilet?

Did Nike really sponsor intergalactic travel? Is Tupac Shakur alive? Did Bill Clinton sign a pact with the devil?

These are the weirdest sneaker conspiracies of all time.

Do celebs occasionally cop unreleased sneakers? Sure. But, for now, we’ll suspend all logic and imagine he’s lacing Jay 34s with his aunt, Assata.

Fourteen years later, sneaker designer Todd Jordan referenced the black uniform and purple sheets the Heaven’s Gate cult covered themselves with during the mass suicide.

But the Nike SB Dunk High was quickly pulled once Nike realised what Jordan was referencing, and the colourway remained in sample form only.

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