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The Ultimate Sneakersphere Pronunciation Guide

How to Pronounce brand names

The sneakersphere is full of brands, models and collaborators with names that are commonly mispronounced, whether it's known or not. Aimé Leon Dore and Comme des Garçons are chief among those that often have their names butchered, so people simply abbreviate them to ALD and CDG. At this point it can be pretty hard to tell what's correct and what isn't – an example of this is Vibram, the Italian family-owned company actually needs its ‘i’ sung in a somewhat Italian accent – vee-brum! Not vie-brum!

It's time to know your way around everything from Jacquemus to Suicoke! Keep on scrolling to find out how many of the below brand names and models you've been pronouncing correctly!


adidas – a-da-das

Aimé Leon Dore – ar-may-lee-on-dor

ASICS – ah-sicks

Balenciaga – buh-len-see-aa-guh

Balmain – ball-mah

Comme des Garcons – com-deh-gar-son

HOKA ONE ONE – hoh-kuh or-neh or-neh

Jacquemus – sz-ahk-moos

JJJJound – jound

Kiko Kostadinov – kee-ko koh-sta-din-ov

Louis Vuitton – loo-ee vee-ton

Merrell – meh-rul

Nike – nai-kee

PEACEMINUSONE – peace minus one

PUMA – pyoo-muh

Reebok – ree-bok

sacai – suh-kah-ee

Salomon – sahl-uh-mun

Saucony – soh-ka-nee

Stussy – stoo-see

Suicoke – soo-ko-ke

Swarovski – swa-rov-ski

TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist – ta-kah-hee-ro me-ya-shee-ta the soloist

WTAPS – double taps

1017 ALYX 9SM – ten seventeen al-eex nine-ess-em


Air Kukini – air cook-eenee

Gazelle – guh-zel

Huarache – hue-rah-chee

Roshe – row-shee


A Ma Maniere – a-ma-man-yer

atmos – at-moss

Chlorophyll – klor-ruh-fil

Doernbecher – dor-n-bec-har

Patta – pat-ah

Sotheby’s – soth-er-bees

Vibram – vee-brum

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