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The Sneaker subreddits You Need to Follow

Sneaker subreddits

Ah yes, reddit is one of those places on the Internet that can pull you in and have you scrolling and trolling for hours on end. After all, it contains some of the funniest memes and edgiest online comments you’ve ever seen.

With that in mind, we’ve dived into the depths of the reddit universe to gather some of the best subreddits that are dedicated to the world of sneakers. There are tons out there to choose from, but we’ve served up a concise list of the ones you need to follow now. Check them out below!


First things first, there are the general subreddits. This category contains sneaker or sneaker adjacent subreddits that are about every facet of the scene, and not just one particular brand, silhouette or line. The obvious choice, and by far the most popular, is r/Sneakers. Created on January 21 2009, they’ve now amassed a following of 1.8 million members. A must follow for any newbie to the reddit universe. We’ve also included r/moresneakers and r/sneakerfits, so you can get some inspiration for your OOTD, and some fashion-adjacent subreddits to keep your garms looking as fresh as your kicks!

  1. r/Sneakers
  2. r/moresneakers
  3. r/SneakerFits
  4. r/malefashionadvice
  5. r/streetwear
  6. ​r/femalefashionadvice
  7. r/malefashion


The niche categories focus on the subreddits that are full of die-hard fans who support a particular brand or silhouette. For example, if youre into Team Swoosh we’ve got r/Nike, and for those on Team Trefoil r/adidas.

OG Dunk fanatics can keep getting their fix with r/DunksNotDead that has 18.4k dedicated members. We didn’t forget about you Kanye stans either, because r/yeezy is popping off!

  1. r/DunksNotDead
  2. r/Nike
  3. r/adidas
  4. r/Newbalance
  5. r/yeezys
  6. r/Vans​​​ ​

Whether you love to show off your OOTD, start a WDYWT thread, flex your latest pickup, get an ID on some obscure silhouette, or just wanna chat, there’ll always be a subreddit for you.

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