The Sneaker Evolution of Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Sneaker Evolution

With 14 studio albums, 72 mixtapes (!!!) and countless nicknames under his belt, it's safe to say Gucci Mane is one of, if not the hardest-working man in hip hop. And, just as his flow has evolved from the Trap House days, so has his sneaker style.

From dope-boy 95s to Jays to high fashion fancies, he's come a long way. Here's a look back at Guwop's Sneaker Evolution.

Gucci Mane Air Max 95 Dope Runner
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Gucci Mane Air Max 95 Rick Diamond Getty
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95 Air Max 'Cause I'm a Dope Runner

Young Radric Davis was a diehard for Air Max 95s. When everyone else on the streets was rocking cheaper sneaks, Guwop was flexing on the other hustlers in the top of the line Maxes. With the cash rolling through, he was a firm fixture at ATL sneaker shops on drop days.

Being one of rap's most prolific artists, it's no surprise that his favourite sneaker featured in his verses. He raps '95 Air Max cause I'm a dope runner' in 2009's 'Bricks' and even namechecks them in his autobiography, saying:

And there I was, pulling up in a nice car, with jewelry on my neck and dope-man Nike Air Maxes on my feet. I was flashy as hell. I liked shining on people. I was above it all.

,Gucci Mane Air Jordan 11
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Gucci Mane Air Jordan 6 White Infrared Damon Winter Nyt
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Gucci Mane First Day Out The Feds

First Day Out the Feds

After three years in the Big House and six months under house arrest, a newly perfected (and sober) Mr Perfect was back out in the world. Conspiracy theorists had a field day with the now-buff rapper, saying that he came out of jail a government clone (a claim that the Wopster neither confirms or denies). But one thing's for sure — this was a new Gucci! With his new bod came newfound confidence and he busted out high-tops and haute couture in celebration.

Three years in the clink saw Gucc ditch the excess pounds, before swathing his svelte physique in all things high-end upon release. With the whole world of fashion at his still-house-arrested fingertips, La Flare's horizons expanded. And his newfound fashion freedom was always accompanied by crisp creps, be it Jordans or something a little flashier.

Gucci Mane Reebok Dmx Guwop
Gucci Mane Reebok Workout Plus

I’m So Icy

Before face tattoos were co-opted by the Lils, Mr Zone 6 had his trademark icecream cone. A nod to his favourite chain and his self-proclaimed place as the coldest rapper in the game, it’s no surprise the cone featured on his first sneaker colab.

Having signed up with the ‘Bok in 2017, Gucci wasted no time icing out the DMX Run 10 for his first official link-up. The retro Reebok sported Guwop’s signature white-on-white scheme, silver details and a shining silver swing tag in the shape of his face tatty. Brr!

Gucci Mane Dolce Gabanna Super King
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Gucci Mane Air Max 95 2017
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Guwop Opens the Closet

La Flare let the world into his closet earlier this year, opening @wopsterscloset with wife Keyshia Ka-oir. Judging by the heat he’s offloading, the rotation he’s keeping must be straight fire.

His sneaker love has certainly branched out since his corner-stalking days in 95s (though he's still a fan). Now, he’s just as likely to stunt in Dolce & Gabbana Super Kings as he is a pair of Jays.

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