The Sneaker Anniversaries of 2022 We Can’t Wait For

Nike Air Force 1 High OG

We are arguably living in a golden era where all the best sneakers from the 1990s and 2000s will undoubtedly be coming back in retro form over the next few years. Beyond that particular period of time, there are also some other significant milestones for some proper OG models and future classics that deserve a bringback – even if brands might not feel the same way. Here’s just a few of the ones we’re already counting down the days towards!

Nike Air Force 1 High OG

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is turning 40. While its 35th and 30th anniversaries were modestly celebrated, nothing in recent memory quite compares to the 25th. With a slew of strong reissues having already landed this year, let’s hope next year will mark the monumental milestone appropriately.

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon OG

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon

In 10 short months at Nike, Christian Tresser created some of the greatest sneakers to ever bear a Swoosh, such as the Air Zoom Spiridon. Given the brand was slinging Spiris left, right and centre in the late 2010s, they could sadly curb their enthusiasm for its 25th birthday next year.

Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet

Nike Air Max 97

It would be remiss for Nike to not retro the OG ,Air Max 97 colourways for such a major milestone. Plus, the brand is already pumping out Air Max retros more frequently than not – how hard is it to slide in some silver, gold and blue into the production line?

PUMA Easy Rider

PUMA Easy Rider

The nexus of PUMA’s modernised lifestyle offering is archival models like the Easy Rider, which came out all the way back in 1977. With features like nylon and mesh uppers plus knobbly rubber outsoles the norm today, it’d be a good opportunity to respect the architects come 2022.

New Balance 990v3 Version 3

New Balance 990v3

New Balance kicked off 40th anniversary celebrations for the 990 line a little early this year with the ‘Version Series’. While the inaugural model has had a bit of time in the spotlight, the 990v3, – itself an anniversary model of sorts – could do with more releases in 2022.

Nike Roshe Run Calypso

Nike Roshe Run

Whether or not the 2012 Roshe Run’s mainstream success marked the beginning and/or end of ‘sneaker culture’, it was and is a damn comfy shoe despite not having any bells and whistles. Retroing the Roshe would also maybe bring back a zen approach to today’s complex sneakers.

Nike Flyknit Racer

Nike Flyknit and adidas Primeknit

In 2012, Nike unveiled Flyknit technology and promised a new frontier in shoe manufacturing technology. Five months later, adidas introduced Primeknit material… also promising a new frontier in shoe manufacturing technology. The intellectual property tug-of-war is still being played out in the courts, but maybe some old heat like ‘Yeknits’ will come back in 2022.

Reebok Freestyle

Reebok Freestyle

Until Reebok developed the Freestyle in 1982, women's sneakers were usually just men's designs in feminine colours and sizes. This gender-specific sneaker changed the game. Dainty, form-fitting aerobics shoes may be unorthodox at the moment, but 2022 will be a better time than ever to celebrate an important design.

adidas SL72

adidas SL 72

It’s not always sporting performance that defines success: designs like the adidas SL 72 were popular because they looked better than their similarly ubiquitous suede and nylon competition. This is a plenty good reason to bring them back for their 50th next year.

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