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The Nike Air Huarache ‘Scream Green’ 2021 Retro Hits All the Right Notes

Nike Air Huarache Scream Green 2021 Sneaker Freaker

The Nike Air Huarache is an all-time classic sneaker, and it’s come back in a big way so far this year for its 30th anniversary. Reissues of the legendary Stussy colabs – an essential sighting on the Sneaker Freaker Forum in the pre-social media days – heralded a strong return for the Huarache. Now, the latest ‘Scream Green’ retro, which first dropped in some regions in late February before a wider release last week, is a very welcome return after some absence from both feet and feeds.

This is a very good reissue, and here’s why...

A Brief History of ‘Scream Green’ Releases

There’s the 1991 debut, 1999 retro (which many Hua evangelists owned), a disappointing 2014 retro, and finally the 2021 that just dropped – and is quickly selling out. This year marks a return to form, and is the most accurate reproduction of the ’91 OG yet.

Boxing Fit

It was a pleasant, if not anachronistic, surprise when the Stussy colabs came packaged in the OG Nike Air red lid/grey striped shoebox. Thankfully that packaging wasn’t a one-time-only thing, as it was also used for the ‘Scream Green’ retro. All good here – only the fussiest collectors would probably want the box to be much narrower like the originals. No idea how people fit anything into a box barely wider than a handspan…

On the topic of boxes, it’ll be interesting to see whether the black shoebox bearing the ’92 Huarache logo returns for subsequent retros. Probably not, but here’s hoping.

Read up on a brief history of the Nike Air Huarache here.

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