The Most Valuable Sneakers of 2020 (So Far)

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The year 2020 has been tumultuous to say that least. However, despite massive disruptions to the industry and the globe at large, the hype train has showed no signs of slowing down. Nay, it has reached perhaps previously unseen heights!

Delays hit releases hard, and brands have scaled back their product rollouts. Yet still, the heavy-hitting drops made a splash and saw resell prices buck the belt-tightening we've seen in other areas of the industry. Whether fans were whipped into a frenzy by a sweet SB treat, or piled on debt to fund high-fashion flyers, it's been a hell of a six months for the sneakersphere (and our wallets).

Here's a look at the sneakers that fetched the big bucks in the first half 2020.

Strangelove x Nike SB Dunk
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StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low ($1500)

There's little doubt that the Dunk has owned 2020, and the Strangelove x Nike SB Dunk Low had us heart-eyesing the silhouette early on.

Its February release was one of the most anticipated of the year so far (and since tbh), and it left scores of Ls in its wake. The hefty resell price – you can expect to fork out about $1500 – means that most still have a StrangeLove-shaped hole in their collection.

Jordan 'New Beginnings' Pack

Jordan 'New Beginnings' Pack ($2300)

For the past couple of years the equation went like this:

Release Air Jordan 1 = licence to print money

We've seen that trend continue throughout 2020, of course, but the Jordan 'New Beginnings' Pack upped the ante even further. Coupling the Swoosh's first-ever retro of the Air Ship with a crisp red and white Air Jordan 1, it made for a good thwack of early MJ nostalgia... And a good thwack to the wallet for anyone looking to pick up the historic release on the aftermarket.

,WTAPS x New Balance 992

WTAPS x New Balance 992 ($1400)

The 992 saw a welcome return to the New Balance roster this year with some serious collaborative clout and on-point colourways.

There's been a heap of notables (shout out to Kith and Joe Freshgoods), but in terms of resell, its the WTAPS that comes out on top. The military tones, orange pop and considered details made it a winner in our books. If it is in yours too, expect to pay upwards of $1400.

Nike SB Dunk High 'Reverse Skunk Dunk'

Nike SB Dunk High 'Reverse Skunk Dunk' ($8400)

The Swoosh love to spark up a special release for 420, and they rolled up a doozy this year, harking back to one of their most famous chronic creps with the 'Reverse Skunk Dunk'.

Flipping the OG colourway, the Reverse was an ode to Purple Haze, but was as hard to cop as the most mythical of strains: only 420 individually numbered pairs were released.

Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk
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Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk ($1700)

Travis Scott continued his unstoppable run this year, with arguably his biggest Swoosh link-up yet. Hitting the zeigeist with a one-two punch, the combination of La Flame and Dunk was always gonna get the people going.

As old heads bickered about their feelings on the Dunk resurgence, Travis played strategy and primed the youth for months before the drop, flexing old pairs on IG and giving the kids a crash course on early SB. By the time drop day came around, everyone was up to speed and was gunning for them.

The regular box pair will set you back about $1700 these days, but if that's not enough, the special box is sitting at $2550 on the after market.

Ben & Jerry's x Nike SB 'Chunky Dunky'
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Ben & Jerry's x Nike SB 'Chunky Dunky' ($2000)

Back in May, Ben & Jerry's and Nike served up a sweet treat that had the whole sneakersphere salivating. The craziest Dunk in a year of crazy Dunks, the colab's polarising aesthetic didn't stop people chomping at the desert spoon to get a pair.

Special packaging was gifted to a special few, that now fetches upwards of an icecream-headache-inducing 4K on resell. For those who can't stand that much pain, you'll still have to scoop out $2300 for the normal release. Still very ouch.

Dior x Air Jordan 1 'Air Dior'
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Dior x Air Jordan 1 'Air Dior' ($15,500)

Annnnnnd, this comes as no surprise at all. Considering the Dior x Air Jordan 1 'Air Dior' retailed for $1800, this was a shoe-in to take out top spot in the resell stakes.

It released in relative scarcity, and its sky-high retail price has resulted, unsurprisingly, in an eye-watering aftermarket price. Judging by the amount of sales on StockX, people are willing to hand over the stacks – currently they're asking over 15K.

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