The Most Mischievous MSCHF Shoes

MSCHF Big Red Boot

It can be pretty difficult to take MSCHF seriously. Straddling the tightrope connecting performance art, online trolling and plain old fun, the Brooklyn collective have also ventured into footwear as one of their primary cultural touchpoints. Having already proven themselves as lawsuit magnets and online engagement experts with numerous projects ranging from ‘Satan Shoes’ to the latest ‘Big Red Boot’, it’s a good time to look back on some of the mischief MSCHF have caused.

MSCHF x INRI ‘Jesus Shoes’ (2019)

There’s no wrath like that of the divine. MSCHF’s first entry into footwear came via a partnership with INRI on the ‘Jesus Shoes’ – a pair of white Nike Air Max 97s filled with actual ‘holy water’ from the river Jordan. Of course, this project was not authorised by the Swoosh, but that didn’t stop the limited run from selling out in literally one minute. Pairs can be found on the secondary market for four-digit figures.

MSCHF Birkinstock

‘Birkinstock’ (2021)

The Hermès Birkin is one of the most desirable bags out there, commanding long waits and astronomical prices. MSCHF acquired some, took them apart and cut them into straps to fit a Birkenstock footbed – thus creating the ‘Birkinstock’. Pairs started at $34,000 and went all the way up to $76,000 for a crocodile skin version. Despite the obscene price, the sandals sold out. A year later, Dior collaborated with Birkenstock proper, so draw your own conclusions…

MSCHF Satan Shoes

‘Satan Shoes’ (2021)

MSCHF resurrected their biblical theme in 2021 and presented the other side of the story with the ‘Satan Shoes’. Again using the AM97 as a base model, this blacked-out ode to the occult contained actual blood from MSCHF members and was limited to 666 pairs. Lil Nas X was the poster demon for the marketing, and the ensuing lawsuit from Nike inspired the trailer for the music video to his viral track ‘Industry Baby’.


TAP3 (2022)

After settling the ‘Satan Shoes’ case with Nike, MSCHF continued on their merry way with the TAP3 sneaker. The pseudo-AF-1 silhouette was covered in litigation-proof yellow tape calling out the MSCHF brand name, while the remainder was blacked-out to allay any suspicion of foul play. The TAP3 released in 2022, almost a year to the day the ‘Satan Shoes’ dropped, which MSCHF said was ‘a bit cathartic’ after all the drama.

MSCHF Wavy Baby

‘Wavy Baby’ (2022)

If the TAP3 was tame, the ‘Wavy Baby’ was anything but. MSCHF began to really lean into ‘original’ designs heavily inspired by other iconic sneakers. This time, Vans acknowledged the similarities to the Old Skool by slapping a temporary restraining order on the troublemakers. MSCHF responded in kind with a widespread seeding campaign and reportedly continued to ship pairs out. Oh yeah, the wavy outsoles were wobbly AF, making them the hardest to walk practically in.

MSCHF Super Normal

‘Super Normal’ (2022)

Perhaps the most conventional creation from MSCHF’s footwear department so far, the ‘Super Normal’ is a warped vision of the AF-1 with enough variation to avoid a lawsuit (so far). In an extension of the ‘Wavy Baby’ concept, the upper panel edges get super twisted and lopsided, but the sole is thankfully standard. Without crazy colourways, these shoes are truly ‘Super Normal’.

Jimmy Fallon MSCHF Gobstomper
,MSCHF Sour Gobstomper

‘Gobstomper’ and ‘Sour Gobstomper’ (2022)

Ever cut a Gobstopper lolly in half and looked at all the colourful layers? MSCHF used this as the inspiration for ‘Gobstomper’, a Y2K skate shoe-inspired model with wear-away panels on both the upper and sole. The wacky concept got even weirder when late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon helped promote the shoe. MSCHF revisited the idea with the ‘Sour Gobstomper’, using a black upper that revealed green and purple underneath.


‘AC.1’ (2022)

In MSCHF’s own words, ‘Injury is IN. Health is OUT.’ A humorous take on post-injury footwear designed to be worn while in good health, the AC.1 is pretty ridiculous as a daily wear. At least these ankle braces offer near-unlimited support and some form of grip via the thin outsole tread. They’re still available on MSCHF’s website for $450. Back in 2015, Sneaker Freaker reported’ on a Ricardo Tisci x Air Cast 1.

MSCHF Big Red Boot

Big Red Boot (2023)

MSCHF kicked off their 2023 footwear projects with the Big Red Boot (BRB). Modelled after the cartoonishly oversized boots seen in creative arts worldwide, many commentators are comparing these to the shoes worn by the beloved Astro Boy. They’re currently causing a stir online due to their massive on-foot presence and general silliness. MSCHF have generated digital column inches money can’t buy – case in point. Mischievous mavens, they are.

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