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The Most Expensive Month to Be a Sneakerhead

Nike Eric Koston 06 Original 1Nike Eric Koston 06 Original 1

Ordinarily speaking, December is the expensive month to be a sneakerhead. Why? Well, hopefully, like us you spent an extended amount of time with your family and friends. It was expensive and resulted in a lack of sleep, but you wouldn't change it. You might be wondering what else happened in December 2018? We saw sneaker riots, new silhouettes pierce the FOG, a revival many anticipated, and a sudden move from a beloved Boston retailer that caused controversy.

Without further ado we welcome you back to Sneaker Freaker's monthly round-up. In here, we cover the drops that got your mouses clicking and your thumbs inflamed.

The Air Jordan 11 'Concord' 2018 Was The Biggest Sneaker Drop of All Time (Apparently)

The Air Jordan 11 'Concord' part way through December and was dubbed the biggest drop of all time. It was met with an unsavoury riot in Seattle, which saw the police retaliating by spraying would-be shoppers with pepper spray. We don't condone riots in any form, but we can partially comprehend why people went bonkers — the 'Concord' is a must-have regardless of whether you grew up wearing 'em or not. The December drop was a must.

The Air Jordan 1 'Not For Resale' Was Not Easy to Attain

The Air Jordan 1 'Not for Resale' was no easy cop, even with our . Numbers were silly-limited in its first release, and to make matters worse, one retailer took the shoe's message clearly too seriously. After a fair amount of backlash online, another drop shortly followed. Hopefully you didn't have to perform push-ups to cop in the second round. Sneaker Freaker's Tip: Take a spare pair of socks to futures drops incase you're persuaded to wear them straight out of the shop. You'll thank us.

Stock Numbers for 'Semi-Frozen Yellow' Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 Revealed

Yeezys have seen a decline in sales. However, when Yeezy Mafia posted the 'Semi-Frozen Yellow' many of you to see just how hard it would be to cop a pair of these bright joints.  So, how'd you go?

Jerry Lorenzo's Nike Air Fear Of God 1

Whether you love or hate Jerry Lorenzo, it's an fact undeniable that his Nike Air Fear of God 1 . Some of you put down to sheer hype, but we urge you to look at it as part of a new sneaker evolution. Nike gave Jerry the opportunity to create an entirely new silhouette — in 2018, that deserves some credit. It was considered and unlike anything we'd ever seen from the Air gods. We have a very exclusive interview with Lorenzo coming out in our next mag, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nike SB's Dunk Revival Rolls On

How we missed the old Nike SB. Many predicted it, but in 2018 the revival came to us . Those that follow accounts like NikeSBorNothing would understand the amount of recognition this particular drop received, despite it not having the original puffy tongue that adorned the .

Not One, But Two Lobsters

To many SB fans, Concepts hold a very dear place in their heart. Our Boston-based friends at Concepts gave you  iterations of their famed lobsters on its 10th anniversary. They held a huge party, scavenger hunts, cancelled bot orders, then raffled online later. How was your fishing trip? Catch any lobbies?

Aimé Leon Dore Dressed Up the Nike Air Force 1 for New Concept Store

It's not often that a one-of-one shoe receives as much recognition as the Aimé Leon Dore . A homage to their NYC heritage, the sneaker takes on a similar, panelled aesthetic to the brand’s Fall/Winter collection. Constructed with polar fleece material, the upper is covered with yellow, navy, green and burgundy, while a simple white midsole with matching laces provides the complimentary touches. Aimé Leon Dore’s signature stamp is placed on the tongue, rounding out this lively yet simple AF-1 custom. It didn't officially release. However, we really wish it did.

The Stussy X Nike SB Blazer Was Made for Skating

Oh, you thought SB were finished for 2018? They were just getting started. We received an enticing package towards the end of last year: a pair of the Nike SB Stussy Blazer Mids. Unfortunately, they weren't one of the from skate legend Lance Mountain. However,  that didn't stop us skating them!

Todd Snyder Dropped a Colourful New Balance 998

American designer Todd Snyder and New Balance bounced back in December rendition following their . Dubbed the 'Colour Spectrum', the exclusive American-made drop was decked out in suede and is meant to ward off winter wardrobe doldrums with its cheery mix of sporty red, bright green, athletic blue, sunny yellow. It sold out fast...

The Air Max Plus Lives On

Nike continued to churn out bold iterations of the Air Max Plus. They hit us with the '' which we all know is the '', followed by the '' in December. The OG '' and '' looks will always stand out from the hundreds of colourways that have graced the Air Max Plus over the years. Nike celebrated the cream of the crop in December by uniting the two classic looks on a special 'Greedy' edition of the Sean McDowell-designed runner.

So, that was December. It certainly didn't leave us scratching our heads in boredom. Just wait for what this month has in store, we can promise you it'll be more of the same and just as riveting.

Happy New Year Sneaker Freakers!

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