The LeBron 16 Watch Colourways We Need to See This Season

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This is going to be a clutch season for LeBron’s sneaker line. With a move to the wild west, and new rule changes allowing players to wear their hearts on their feet, all eyes are on him and Nike. They’ve got the possession and the clock is running out, they just need to learn from J. R. Smith and shoot their shot.

Last season, the LeBron 15 Watch made a splash by giving us PE colourways inspired by Nike’s heritage. Anticipating they’ll do the same for the LeBron 16, we’d like to make some suggestions. Ignoring the most likely offerings — no one needs to prompt a Kobe-honouring Lakers colourway — we’ve whipped up a selection of the most hype homages Nike could deliver. These are the LeBron 16 Watch colourways we need to see this season.

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No points for guessing this one would be on the list. Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97 has dominated 2018 in a way no other sneaker has come close to. As colabs go, it’s basically LeBron in Playoff mode. King James approves of the model and has worn it a number of times, causing fans to mock-up a LeBron 15 Watch request. Nike ignored it, but they shouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

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Guaranteed to drain PayPal accounts, the ‘Chicago’ Off-White Air Jordan colourway should be planted on the LeBron 16 as inspiration alone. ‘LABron’ is chasing rings in the west, and wearing Michael Jordan’s home-team colourway on his feet is ample reminder that he’s playing catch-up with championships. Plus, if a Black Mamba homage is all but a certainty, what’s stopping Nike from doing the same for MJ?

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It’s the Air Max Plus’s 20th anniversary this year, and news just broke that Nike would be bringing back one of its greatest colourways: the OG Orange Tiger. Not only is the timing serendipitous, but the design is welcoming too. The TN’s exoskeleton is based on palm trees swaying against an orange sunset — a view LeBron is likely to happen upon often in Cali.

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If any 2018 colab could contend with Sean Wotherspoon’s, it’s Jun Takahashi’s. The Undercover founder went four for four when he dropped this quartet — a hit rate LeBron has been eyeing for years. Though the ‘Green Mist’ has been a fan favourite, LeBron has never let fans’ wishes get in the way of a winning mentality, and this ‘Lakeside’ is begging for a ‘Lakerside’ tribute.

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It’s far too soon to shout-out Cleveland, the wound is so fresh, but Miami has had enough time to grieve. This ‘Dolphins’ colourway first appeared on the LeBron 10, and was originally named ‘Setting’ for Florida’s stunning sunsets. Miami is also where LeBron earned his first championship ring in 2012. So, if Los Angeles is where he earns his last, this colourway would round out the timeline nicely.

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